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Zelenka : Sonates en trio, ZWV 181. Ko : Ghosts. Stankiewicz, Djikoloum, Plath, Doi-Luck, Carrasco Hjelm.
Format : 2 CD
Total Time : 00:57:05

Recording : 16-19/10/2023
Location : Nuremberg
Country : Allemagne
Sound : Studio / Stereo

Label : Challenge Classics
Catalog No. : CC72977
EAN : 0608917297720
Price Code : DM026A

Publishing Year : 2024
Release Date : 01/07/2024

Genre : Classical
Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679-1745)
Sonate n° 1 en fa majeur, ZWV 181,1
Sonate n° 2 en sol mineur, ZWV 181,2
Sonate n° 3 en si bémol majeur, ZWV 181,3
Sonate n° 4 en sol mineur, ZWV 181,4
Sonate n° 5 en fa majeur, ZWV 181,5
Sonate n° 6 en do mineur, ZWV 181,6

Tonia Ko (1988-)
Ghost 1
Ghost 2
Ghost 3
Ghost 4

Olivier Stankiewicz, hautbois
Armand Djikoloum, hautbois
Theo Plath, basson
Sakoto Doi-Luck, clavecin
Jordi Carrasco Hjelm, contrebasse

Zelenka understood better than virtually all of his contemporaries how to stretch the musical rules of his time; he composed in a highly complex, contrapuntal manner, employing long themes which often deviate from conventional structures. On top of this, Zelenka constantly uses unusually distant harmonies to intensify the expression of his music. With his absolute desire for expressivity and his courage to burst the musical bounds of the period, Zelenka counts as a modernist in Baroque music. The six trio sonatas recorded on this CD present the largest group of Zelenka's chamber music for a single ensemble. Despite their high quality they were forgotten for centuries; they were only rediscovered a few decades ago. Our fascination for this rich and profound music has spurred us on to come closer on this CD to the special tonal language, evocative complexity, and audacious invention of Zelenka’s music. A challenge, but also a special feature, of our work on these pieces has been the creation of a playable score on the basis of the surviving—barely readable and sometimes clearly erroneous—manuscript sources.

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