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Jacques Morel : Premier Livre de Pièces de Violle. Marias, Ensemble La Spagna.
Format : 1 CD
Durée totale : 01:11:28

Label : Brilliant Classics
Référence : BRIL95962
EAN : 5028421959627
Code Prix : DM009A

Année d'édition : 2019

Genre : Classique
Jacques Morel (1641-1715)
Premier Livre des Pièces de Violle
Suite n° 1 en la mineur
Suite n° 2 en ré mineur
Suite n° 3 en ré
Suite n° 4 en sol

Alejandro Marias, viole de gambe
Ensemble La Spagna
Pablo Garrido, viole de gambe
Alvaro Marias, flûte traversière
Jordan Fumadi, clavecin

French Baroque chamber music by a much-admired contemporary of Marin Marais. In a personal introduction to his own authoritative booklet essay, the Spanish violist Alejandro Marías relates how he acquired the rare facsimile of an even rarer manuscript, and came to realise that its contents had never seen the light of day in the modern era, let alone received attention on record. Thus he presents here the First Book of pieces – a second does not survive – by Jacques Morel. The volume itself was published in 1709, two years before Marin Marais’s Third Book of pieces. Morel’s date of birth is now obscured by time, but we know that he was this book. And indeed Morel makes no a pupil of Marais, to whom he dedicated attempt to disguise the debt he felt to his master within his music. The book contains four Suites for viola da gamba and continuo – in A minor, D minor, D major and G major, respectively – and a Chaconne en trio for a traverso flute, viol and basso continuo. This gentle and courtly six-minute Chaconne is the only piece of Morel’s that is regularly performed, but the four Suites are full of delightful discoveries. The second of them begins with a Prelude of bold and grave gestures which introduce a colourful suite of character pieces: the Allemande la Jolie (‘The pretty one’), the Courante la Dacier, a gentle, dream-like Sarabande and the Gigue l’Inconstante (‘The faithless one’). To end, there is an enjoyable rondeau, Le Folet (‘The imp’), and La Fanchonnette, reminiscent of a gavotte in feel and structure. The other three suites are no less picturesque, and they are brought to life once more on this album by an early-music group founded in 2009 and named after a popular Renaissance dance. La Spagna has been awarded Spain’s GEMA prize for best young Early Music group.

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