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Beethoven : Intégrale des concertos et des symphonies. Minnaar, Ferschtman, De Vriend.
Format : 9 CD Digibox
Total Time : 10:04:10

Recording : 2008-2016
Location : Entschede
Country : Pays-Bas
Sound : Stereo

Label : Challenge Classics
Catalog No. : CC72856
EAN : 0608917285628
Price Code : DM046

Publishing Year : 2020
Release Date : 25/11/2020

Genre : Classical
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Symphonie n° 1 en do majeur, op. 21
Symphonie n° 2 en ré majeur, op. 36
Symphonie n° 3 en mi bémol majeur, op. 55 "Héroïque"
Symphonie n° 4 en si bémol majeur, op. 60
Symphonie n° 5 en do mineur, op. 67 "Du Destin"
Symphonie n° 6 en fa majeur, op. 68 "Pastorale"
Symphonie n° 7 en la majeur, op. 92
Symphonie n° 8 en fa majeur, op. 93
Symphonie n° 9 en ré mineur, op. 125
Concerto pour piano n° 1 en ut majeur, op. 15
Concerto pour piano n° 2 en si bémol majeur, op. 19
Concerto pour piano n° 3 en ut mineur, op. 37
Concerto pour piano n° 4 en sol majeur, op. 58
Concerto pour piano n° 5 en mi bémol majeur, op. 73 "L'Empereur"
Concerto pour violon en ré majeur, op. 61
Concerto pour piano, violon et violoncelle en do majeur, op. 56 "Triple concerto"
Romance pour violon et orchestre n° 1 en sol majeur, op. 40
Romance pour violon et orchestre n° 2 en fa majeur, op. 50

Hannes Minnaar, piano
Liza Ferschtman, violon
Storioni Trio
The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra
Jan Willem de Vriend, direction

What you have in your hands is a box with which Challenge Classics intends to make its contribution to the celebrations for the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven. It is a unique and completely original collection in the panorama of today's discography, as it contains the complete corpus of the symphonies, as well as all the works for (instrumental) soloist and orchestra, i.e. all the concertos: the five Concertos for piano and orchestra, the Violin Concerto and the Triple Concerto for piano, violin, cello and orchestra. These works are supplemented by two of Beethoven's other works for violin and orchestra, namely the Romances. This means that, apart from the overtures and some dances, this boxed set contains all of Beethoven's orchestral and symphonic production (purely instrumental, and therefore not including voices). In other words, you now have what musicologists, but above all the listeners around the world, have recognised for about two hundred years now as being one of (if not the) highest peaks in the history of music. A further and precious special feature of this boxed set is its coherence, in the sense that all the works recorded here are directed by a single conductor, Jan Willem de Vriend, at the head of a single orchestra, the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra. It is clear that this aspect provides a unity, an organic force and therefore an authority that other collections featuring different directors cannot boast. Finally, the soloists in the concertos are, like de Vriend himself, among the star artists of our record label: the pianist Hannes Minnaar and the violinist Liza Ferschtman. For the Triple Concerto, we have chosen the version appreciated by critics and audiences alike, with the Storioni Trio. Therefore, it seems somewhat unusual that in a recording market bursting at the seams with offers and proposals, in particular with Beethoven records this year, no one had yet thought of collecting the orchestral / symphonic production of Beethoven in a single box and under the baton of a single director, music that includes some of the public's (and of course musicologists') most loved masterpieces. The Symphonies, the Piano Concertos and the Violin Concerto all enjoy the status of absolute masterpieces in the history of music, while the Triple Concerto, perhaps the Cinderella among the works collected here, is a significant work within both Beethoven's own corpus and the musical output of the early 19th century, if only for the total novelty of the chosen solo instruments at the time. We conclude this brief presentation, underlining one last but significant factor in the project's cohesion and cogency: all the recordings presented here were curated by Bert van der Wolf of Northstar Recording, one of the most innovative and capable sound engineers of the classic milieu.

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