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Pellegrini, Padovano : Intégrales de la musique pour orgue. Scandali.
Format : 1 CD
Durée totale : 01:19:59

Enregistrement : 06-07/11/2017
Lieu : Mantua
Pays : Italie
Prise de son : Eglise / Stereo

Label : Brilliant Classics
Référence : BRIL95259
EAN : 5028421952598
Code Prix : DM009A

Année d'édition : 2018
Date de sortie : 02/05/2018

Genre : Classique
Annibale Padovano (1527-1575)
Toccata del Ottavo Tono
Ricercare del Sesto Tono alla Terza
Toccata del Primo Tono
Ricercare del Duodecimo Tono
Toccata del Sesto Tono

Vincenzo Pellegrini (?1562-1630)
Canzon detta L’Archangiola
Canzon detta la Capricciosa
Canzon detta la Cassiodora
Canzon detta la Diana
Canzon detta la Gentile
Canzon detta la Mariana
Canzon detta la Nora
Canzon detta la Serafina
Canzon detta la Serpentina
Canzone detta la Barbarina
Canzone detta la Berenice
Canzone detta la Gratiosa
Canzone detta la Pellegrina
La Pelegrina
Toccata del Sesto Tono

Luca Scandali, orgue (Orgue Graziadio Antegnati de 1565, Basilique de Santa Barbara, Mantua, Italie)

Italian organ music from the 16th-century on a 16th-century Italian organ: a unique compilation on record. The composer we know as Annibale Padovano (1527-1575) was named after his native city of Padua, but in 1552 he became organist at St Mark’s Venice while the Dutch composer Adrian Willaert was master of music there. Padovano probably joined Willaert’s group of pupils, and he would have encountered the likes of Andrea Gabrieli and Cipriano de Rore. Nonetheless, his reputation rests on the slender book of organ music published in 1604, which reveals him as a master contrapuntalist of his age in the Ricercars, and no less innovative or inventive in his use of the Toccata form, clearly Venetian in spirit yet individual in expression. Vincenzo Pellegrini was born in Pesaro around 1562. Following his studies at the seminary, he became a canon regular of the cathedral in 1589 and appears to have been a popular teacher as well as a composer of church music. His work for organ likely dates from the end of his life, when he had become a canon in Milan Cathedral where there was a stronger tradition of instrumental composition. The Canzoni that have come down to us betray an evident debt to the French chanson tradition: simpler in form than Pellegrini, their melodic freshness and charm offers more than ample compensation in works such as ‘La Serpentina’ which has become a popular work of the period in its own right. This is Luca Scandali’s sixth album for Brilliant Classics, after imaginative collections of repertoire such as ‘Balli, battaglie e canzoni’ (BC95384) and 17thcentury Italian organ music by Galuppi (BC95140) and Pasquini (BC94347). For this album he has contributed a valuable booklet essay and selected the historically significant organ in the Basilica of Santa Barbara in Mantova, which is tuned to the mean-tone temperament used in the era of Padovano and Pellegrini.

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