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Antoni Katski : Œuvres pour piano. Parkita.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 00:56:57
Sound : Stereo

Label : DUX
Catalog No. : DUX1926
EAN : 5902547019260
Price Code : DM019A

Publishing Year : 2022
Release Date : 01/03/2023

Genre : Classical
Antoni Katski (1816-1899)
Toujours seul, op. 57 n° 3
Au bord de l'océan, op. 83 n° 2
Souvenir de St. Pétersbourg, op. 207
Sans espoir, op. 55
Le Crépuscule, op. 108
La Résignation, op. 131
Les Ruines de Hapsal, op. 174
Rêverie "La Sensitive", op. 246

Anna Parkita, piano

Nowadays, meditation understood as a practice of the mind is very popular among those who strive for a good and fulfilled life. In common parlance, that term is associated with mental well-being, peace and relaxation. There are many things and phenomena that facilitate such a state. They also include reflective music, selected in accordance with the mood of the listener. Currently, there are many types of meditation music, but we offer you something completely new: a journey into the musical past. For Antoni Katski (1816–1899), a Polish composer and pianist, the term meditation was rather a byword for reflection on the beauty of nature and for a musical impression caused by exploring one’s own emotional states. It was in piano miniatures, whose titles refer to nature, places visited, natural phenomena or the world of emotions, that the composer captured the quintessence of mood, reflection, and the magical “here and now” recorded in the sounds of piano keys. Although he was an extremely versatile artist and composed various music genres, it is his piano miniatures, almost completely forgotten today, that have the power to touch contemporary listeners, speaking to their sensitivity. Katski’s works were interpreted by an outstanding Polish pianist, Anna Parkita from Kielce. She has won numerous prizes and is very active as a concert artist, music promoter and scientist.

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