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John Neumeier : Nijinski, ballet. Riabko, Lauderer, Jung, Riggins, Trusch, Aguëro, Ballet de Hambourg.
Format : 1 Blu-ray Disc
Durée totale : 02:33:00

Enregistrement : 01/04/2017
Lieu : Hambourg
Pays : Allemagne
Prise de son : Live / PCM Stereo + DTS-HD MA 5.1
Format d'image : NTSC
Rapport de forme : HD 1080i 16:9
Sous-titres : EN, JP

Label : C Major Entertainment
Référence : CM744304
EAN : 0814337014438
Code Prix : DM040

Année d'édition : 2018
Date de sortie : 02/05/2018

Genre : Classique
John Neumeier (1939-)
Nijinsky, ballet sur des musiques de Chopin, Schumann, Rimsky-Korsakov et Chostakovich

Alexandre Riabko (Vaslav Nijinsky)
Carolina Agüero (Romola Nijinsky, The Women)
Patricia Friza (Bronislava Nijinska, The Sister)
Aleix Martinez ( Stanislav Nijinsky, The Brother)
Ivan Urban (Serge Diaghilev, The Impresario & Mentor)
Anna laudere (Eleonora Bereda, The Mother)
Carsten Jung (Thomas Nijinsky, The Father)
Tamara Karsavina (The Ballerina, Silvia Azzoni)
Alexandr Trusch (Nijinsky as "Harlequin" and "Le Spectre de la Rose)
Marc Jubete (Nijinsky as "The Golden Slave" and "The Faun")
Lloyd Riggins (Nijinsky as "Petrushka")
Jacopo Bellussi (Leonid Massine, The New Dancer)
Ballet de Hambourg
John Neumeier, chorégraphie, lumière

“Nijinsky“ is the title of this “choreographic approach“ to a dance phenomenon that has been part of Neumeier‘s life ever since the beginning of his career. During his approximately ten years as a dancer, Vaslav Nijinsky (1889-1950) set a new standard both technically and expressively, while in his choreographic work he pointed the way towards modern dance. All three aspects - the dancer, the choreographer and the person Nijinsky - form the starting point for John Neumeier‘s latest creation. Neumeier, who as early as 1979 presented a short ballet “Vaslav“, is regarded as one of the leading Nijinsky experts worldwide. Nevertheless, it was not without reluctance that he took up the task of honouring through dance a dance legend: “In creating a work about a historical person, what aspect should we concentrate on? Who was he truly: The man? The artist? Which witness, what information can we trust, which theories should one follow? What point of view can we take towards the complex puzzle Nijinsky? An instinctive choice must be made...“

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