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Boccherini : Sonates pour clavecin et violon, op. 5. Mosca, Goy.
Format : 2 CD Digipack
Durée totale : 01:37:31

Enregistrement : 29/09-02/10/2013
Lieu : Nomaglio
Pays : Italie
Prise de son : Eglise / Stereo

Label : Stradivarius
Référence : STR33983
EAN : 8011570339836
Code Prix : DM029A

Année d'édition : 2017
Date de sortie : 06/09/2017

Genre : Classique
Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805)
Sonates pour clavecin et violon, op. 5
Sonate n° 1
Sonate n° 2
Sonate n° 3
Sonate n° 4
Sonate n° 5
Sonate n° 6

Liana Mosca, violon
Pierre Goy, piano-forte

Published in Paris in 1768, the Sei Sonate, op. V (G 25-30), are Boccherini’s first compositions for keyboard, probably inspired by the playing of their dedicatee Mme. Brillon de Jouy, who Charles Burney considered to be one of the greatest keyboard players in Europe at that time. Boccherini met her while staying in Paris in 1767-1768 (from whence he had intended to go to London). This intimate friend of Benjamin Franklin owned several harpsichords and ‘new’ pianos, including one sent from London by Johann Christian Bach, similar to the square piano made by Frederick Beck recorded here. Fascinated by the possibilities of these keyboards, which, combined with the complementary ones of the violin, allowed him to create orchestral effects, Boccherini composed a collection of sonatas of paramount importance both for his work and for his time.From the moment of its publication, Op. V enjoyed an immense success in Europe, as is evidenced by the many editions and handwritten copies still preserved all over the world. In this work, Boccherini shows all the facets of his art: every movement is written in a different style, creating contrast and complementarity not only within each sonata but also throughout the entire collection, which thus presents a wide and varied range of written possibilities, as much in structure or form as in line and melody - at once an exploration and an affirmation of new textures and sound-worlds.

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