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Wayne McGregor : Woolf Works, ballet. Hovhannisyan, Anderson, The Royal Ballet, Kessels.
Format : 1 DVD Vidéo
Durée totale : 01:58:00

Enregistrement : 2015
Pays : Royaume-Uni
Prise de son : LPCM 2.0 + DTS Digital Surround 5.1
Format d'image : NTSC
Rapport de forme : 16:9 Anamorphic

Label : Opus Arte
Référence : OA1282D
EAN : 0809478012825
Code Prix : DM034B

Année d'édition : 2019
Date de sortie : 06/03/2019

Genre : Classique
Wayne McGregor (1970-)
Woolf Works, ballet en 3 actes sur une musique de Max Richter

Anush Hovhannisyan, soprano
Gillian Anderson, récitante
The Royal Ballet
Orchestre du Royal Opera House
Koen Kessels, direction
Wayne McGregor, chorégraphie

Virginia Woolf defied the false order of narrative conventions to depict a heightened, startling and poignant reality. Woolf Works recreates the synaesthetic collision of form and substance in her writings. Each of the three acts springs from one of Woolf’s landmark novels: Mrs Dalloway, Orlando and The Waves – but these inspirations are also enmeshed with elements from her letters, essays and diaries. Woolf Works expresses the heart of an artistic life driven to discover a freer, uniquely modern realism, and brings to life Woolf’s world of ‘granite and rainbow’, where human beings are at once both physical body and uncontained essence. Woolf Works (2015) was Wayne McGregor’s first full-length work for The Royal Ballet.

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