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Salvatore Lanzetti : 12 sonates pour violoncelle. Ronco, Vozza.
Format : 2 CD
Total Time : 02:36:49
Sound : Stereo

Label : Urania
Catalog No. : LDV14051
EAN : 8051773570513
Price Code : DM022A

Publishing Year : 2019
Release Date : 02/10/2019

Genre : Classical
Salvatore Lanzetti (1710-1760)
12 Sonates pour violoncelle seul et basse continue, op. 1
Sonate n° 1 en sol majeur
Sonate n° 2 en la majeur
Sonate n° 3 en ré majeur
Sonate n° 4 en do majeur
Sonate n° 5 en la mineur
Sonate n° 6 en si bémol majeur
Sonate n° 7 en sol majeur
Sonate n° 8 en mi mineur
Sonate n° 9 en la mineur
Sonate n° 10 en fa dièse mineur
Sonate n° 11 en fa majeur
Sonate n° 12 en ré majeur
Sonate pour violoncelle seul et basse continue n° 4 en sol majeur, op. 2

Claudio Ronco, violoncelle baroque
Emanuela Vozza, violoncelle baroque

Thirty years afer the first world recording, Claudio Ronco concludes his research on Lanzetti’s Sonatas, and this time chooses to propose them to two single cellos, in their maximum essentiality, as the Duport brothers or the Jannson would certainly have preferred in the second half of the Eighteenth century, at the dawn of Classicism, exalting the many qualities of their instrument and thus paying homage to the great Neapolitan cellist school of which they were heirs. On the other hand, all the European cello schools could be said to be emanations of that Neapolitan school, and Salvatore, at that time, was its most famous representative following the legendary Francischello, born in Naples in 1691 and died in Vienna in 1739, of whom he could rightly be considered the successor. Although proposing this music with two single cellos can be considered the simplest and leanest of the various performance possibilities, as soon as we want to offer the listener an interpretation capable of revealing the greater density and complexity of the work, it is immediately reversed in the most difficult choice, because it imposes and demands from the couple of performers the maximum technical and expressive virtuosity.

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