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Mendelssohn : Musique de chambre pour clarinette. Zingales, Sala, Grots.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 01:12:35

Recording : 01/03/2018
Location : Salzbourg
Country : Autriche
Sound : Stereo

Label : Brilliant Classics
Catalog No. : BRIL96081
EAN : 5028421960814
Price Code : DM009A

Publishing Year : 2019
Release Date : 27/11/2019

Genre : Classical
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-1847)
Pièce de Concert pour clarinette, cor de basset et piano n° 1, op. 113
Sonate pour clarinette et piano en mi bémol majeur
Lieder ohne Wörte, pour clarinette et piano
Lied, op. 85 n° 14
Lied, op. 67 n° 3
Lied, op. 53 n° 1
Lied, op. 102 n° 3
Lied, op. 30 n° 3
Lied, op. 19 n° 4
Lied, op. 102 n° 2
Symphonie n° 3 pour clarinette, cor de basset et piano "Ecossaise"
Lieder ohne Worte, pour piano seul
Moderato en si mineur, op. 67 n° 5
Andante con moto en la bémol majeur, op. 38 n° 6
Symphonie n° 4 pour clarinette, cor de basset et piano "Italienische"
Pièce de Concert pour clarinette, cor de bassset et piano n° 2, op. 114

Dario Zingales, clarinette
Marco Sala, cor de basset
Alexey Grots, piano

Mendelssohn wrote beautifully for the clarinet when it was a relatively new instrument, hardly half a century old, but he left precious little solo music. There is a Clarinet Sonata from his prodigal teenage years, and a pair of virtuoso concert pieces dating from much later – a trio of masterpieces in their own right – but no concerto to rival Mozart or to surpass the work of less gifted contemporaries such as Crusell. The Italian clarinettist Dario Zingales has accordingly raided the cupboard for transcriptions and turned up seven Songs without Words, as well as having new chamber versions made of clarinet-centred movements in the Scottish and Italian symphonies. Arranged together in a 75-minute sequence, these works range between the lyrical and intimate tone of Mendelssohn’s voice to the brilliant virtuoso at ease with his own extraordinary gifts. The two Concert Pieces were commissioned in 1833 by the Baermanns, father and son clarinet virtuosos, as they passed through Berlin on their way to undertake a tour of Russia. Mendelssohn obliged speedily with Op.113, and then produced Op.114 when the Baermanns requested a companion piece. Dario Zingales is well placed to emulate their famed sensitivity and bullet-proof technical command, having recorded a Brilliant Classics album (BC95785) of music by Carl and Heinrich themselves.

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