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Marco Lo Muscio : Œuvres pour piano et guitare. Padova, Hackett, Lo Muscio.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 01:01:27

Recording : 13/09-08/10/2018
Location : Rome
Country : Italie

Label : Brilliant
Catalog No. : BRIL95952
EAN : 5028421959528
Price Code : DM009A

Publishing Year : 2019
Release Date : 03/07/2019

Genre : Classical
Marco Lo Muscio (1971-)
3 Préludes américain
Blue Prelude
Night Song
Blue Ostinatno "Hommage to Jarrett"
2 Ricercari
Ricercare "The cathedral of Pienza"
Ricercare Cromatico "The cathedral of Orvieto"
In Memoriam
Gympnopéride n° 0 "Hommage to Satie"
Prélude à la mémoire de Debussy "La Lune Blanche"
Steve Hackett, Horizons (arr. Lo Muscio)
Meditation on Horizons "Hommage to Steve Hackett"
Mélodies médiévales
Theodon's meditation
The Knights of Rohan
Gandalf and Galadriel
The Book of a Vampire, Hommage to Bram Stoker
Vocalise n° 1 "To my mother"

Andrea Padova, piano
Steve Hackett, guitare classique, guitare électrique
Marco Lo Muscio, piano

Ce disque est né d’une étroite collaboration entre le compositeur organiste Marco Lo Muscio et le pianiste Andrea Padova. Ce dernier a choisi d’interpréter quelques pièces pour piano de Lo Muscio composées ces dix dernières années. Les Trois Préludes Américains relèvent de l’improvisation jazz à la manière d’un Keith Jarrett en culotte courte. Les deux ricercares sont deux laborieux essais de fugue sur un même thème inspiré de Bach, "In Memoriam" évoque par son harmonie suave la musique de film d’Ennio Morricone. L’Hommage à Satie et le Prélude en mémoire de Debussy procèdent du même moule, la digression labyrinthique autour d’un thème. Suivent quelques Mélodies Médiévales, inspirées par la lecture de Tolkien : The Knight of Rohan, The Book of a Vampire, Théodon’s Méditation. Le guitariste Steve Hackett, ancien membre de Genesis prête main forte à Padova pour Gandalf and Galadriel. Accords plaqués, fusées d’arpèges, intervalles de quintes sont récurrents dans le vocabulaire harmonique de Lo Muscio. De brefs thèmes s’enfilent les uns dans les autres comme autant de souvenirs fugaces créant une torpeur onirique puissante. La Vocalise dédiée à la mère du compositeur qui clôt l’album nous ramène quelques décennies en arrière, au rock progressif du groupe Genesis. Oubliable. (Jérôme Angouillant)

Born in 1971, Marco lo Muscio is an organist, pianist and composer who has performed on the great organs of Europe and the US. His own music been performed by the likes of Christopher Herrick, Thomas Trotter and David Briggs. This album focuses on another, more intimate side of his output. There are pieces dedicated to his mother and to the memory of his late father; tributes to both Debussy and Satie; meditations on literary themes from the work of J.R.R. Tolkien in a neo-medieval style; a pair of ricercari originally composed for organ, paying homage to Renaissance-era counterpoint; and to begin with Three American Preludes. Composed in 2001, the first two of the preludes were also Lo Muscio’s first works intended for the piano. Their bluesy harmonies and ostinato bass lines are inspired by the playing of Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett. The third of them (from 2009) is a homage to Jarrett, but composed in the style of prog rock – an idiom that the organist adopted with such success that he began to work with the guitarist Steve Hackett, founder member of Genesis. Since first meeting Hackett in 2008, Lo Muscio has made many transcriptions of prog rock classics (by Genesis and others) in a parallel career to his own compositions. The two careers intersect here with Horizons, written by Hackett in 1972 for the Genesis album Foxtrot, and itself derived from the Prelude to Bach’s G major Cello Suite. In 2009 Lo Muscio composed his own Meditations on Horizons, which transforms elements of Hackett’s piece with a habanera rhythm. Having established a career as a pianist with a speciality in the music of Bach (as winner of the 1995 J.S.Bach International Piano Competition), Andrea Padova has attracted international praise for his performances and recordings. His performance of the Goldberg Variation has won glowing encomia: The Washington Post wrote that he ‘conveys the sense of successfully exceeding the limits of human possibility.’ This is his debut recording on Brilliant Classics.

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