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Haydn, Hammer, Stamitz : Musique de chambre pour viole de gambe et baryton. Eckert, Hamburger Ratsmusik.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 01:06:38

Recording : 20-22/02/2019
Location : Heilbronn
Country : Allemagne
Sound : Stereo

Label : Haenssler Classic
Catalog No. : HC17064
EAN : 0881488170641
Price Code : DM018A

Publishing Year : 2020

Genre : Classical
Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Divertimento n° 2 pour viole de gambe, alto, violoncelle et 2 cors, Hob X:10
Trio en ré majeur pour baryton, alto et violoncelle, Hob XI:36
Trio en ré majeur pour baryton, alto et violoncelle, Hob XI:52
Trio en la mineur pour baryton, alto et violoncelle, Hob XI:87

Franz Xaver Hammer (1741-1817)
Sonate en ré majeur pour viole de gambe, 2 cors et violoncelle

Karl Stamitz (1745-1801)
Quatuor en ré majeur pour viole de gambe, violon, alto et violoncelle
Sextuor en mi bémol majeur pour viole de gambe, violon, alto, violoncelle et 2 cors

Simone Eckert, baryton, viole de gambe
Hamburger Ratsmusik
Christoph Heidemann, violon
Bettina Ihrig, violoncelle
Dorothee Palm, violoncelle
Christoph Moinian, cor naturel
Oliver Kersken, cor naturel

This recording contains works by Joseph Haydn, Carl Stamitz and Franz Xaver Hammer. The viola da gamba had already passed its zenith by the mid-18th century, but contemporaries continued to appreciate its qualities. Recommended was an accompaniment by high-tuned violin, two horns and bassoon. The only three surviving compositions for this combination (by Stamitz and Hammer) have been found in a music library in the North of Germany and have been recorded on this CD for the first time. Prince Nicolaus of Esterházy demanded in 1765 of his court music director Joseph Haydn more compositions for the Baryton. This instrument posseses six bowed strings in viola da gamba tuning (D-G-c-e-a-d) which were reinforced and refined by sympathetic strings of metal, whichwere mounted on the back of the instrument and could them-selves be plucked. Until 1778 Haydn wrote over 170 works for baryton, most of them 126 trios, scored for baryton, viola andcello. In 1990 Simone Eckert revived the more than 500 old tradition of the Hamburger Ratsmusik. Since than she is working as a gambist, artistic director, concert agent and manager of her ensemble, as a musicologist and editor of newly discovered music for viola da gamba and as a music teacher in and around Hamburg, and appears in concerts at festivals in Germany, many European countries, the USA, Japan and China.

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