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Giovanni Benedetto Platti : Sonates pour violoncelle. Galligo, Solistes de L'Arte dell'Arco.
Format : 2 CD
Total Time : 01:45:41

Recording : 05-08/03/2018
Location : Padoue
Country : Italie
Sound : Eglise / Stereo

Label : Brilliant Classics
Catalog No. : BRIL95763
EAN : 5028421957630
Price Code : DM011A

Publishing Year : 2019
Release Date : 04/09/2019

Genre : Classical
Giovanni Benedetto Platti (1690-1763)
Sonate n° 1 en sol mineur, I 90
Sonate n° 2 en ré mineur, I 86
Sonate n° 3 en do majeur, I 82
Sonate n° 4 en la majeur, I 92
Sonate n° 5 en ré majeur, I 85
Sonate n° 6 en mi majeur, I 87
Sonate n° 7 en ré majeur
Sonate n° 8 en sol majeur, I 89
Sonate n° 9 en la majeur, I 91
Sonate n° 11 en si bémol majeur, I 93
Sonate n° 12 en fa majeur, I 88

Francesco Galligioni, violoncelle
Membres de L'Arte dell'Arco
Roberto Loreggian, orgue, clavecin
Lorenzo Feder, orgue

The growing catalogue of Platti albums on Brilliant Classics includes his Cello Concertos (BC94722), his keyboard works (BC95118) and a first recording of chamber music (BC94007). Taken together they paint a vivid and engaging portrait of an 18thcentury musician/composer who came to exercise on generations of composers writing for the cello. Platti himself was proficient on several instruments but he retained a special affection for the cello, producing as many as 28 cello concertos – even more than Vivaldi – and other works including the 12 accompanied cello sonatas on this album. These are divided into two groups of six, both dated 1725 – just a few years after Bach’s cello suites. The Italian cellist Francesco Galligioni has himself recorded much of the most significant Baroque solo-cello repertoire for Brilliant Classics, with albums of cello sonatas by Vivaldi (BC95346) and Lanzetti (BC95525) and the enormously influential solo Capricci by dell’Abaco (BC95762). For this album he has returned to the original manuscripts and chosen to record the two sets with different continuo accompaniments – with organ for the first set and violone for the second – making it unique as a considered and stylish response to this rarely recorded repertoire.

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