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Antonio Pansini : Officia in feria V et VI Maioris Hebdomare. Capella Musicale Corradiana, Magarelli.
Format : 1 CD Digipack
Durée totale : 00:53:24

Enregistrement : 16-20/08/2018
Lieu : Molfetta
Pays : Italie
Prise de son : Eglise / Stereo

Label : Digressione
Référence : DCTT88
EAN : 8054726140887
Code Prix : DM019A

Année d'édition : 2019

Genre : Classique
Antonio Pansini (1703-1791)
Feria V in Coena Domini
Messe In Cœna Domini, propre et ordinaire, pour 2 voix, basse et basse continue
Feria VI in Parasceve
Ad Matutitum, In Primo Nocturno

Cappella Musicale Corradiani
Annamria Bellocchio, soprano
Ester Facchini, soprano
Michele Dispoto, basse
Gioacchino de Padova, viole de gambe
Gaetano Magareli, orgue
Antonio Magarelli, direction

Officia is an interesting recording project that helps to remove from oblivion the compositional genius of a Molfettese musician and priest who lived in the eighteenth century: Antonio Pansini (1703-1791). He formed musically between Molfetta and Naples studying with Gaetano Villani, Francesco Durante and Leonardo Leo. He was Organist and Master of the Chapel of the Molfetta Cathedral from 1754 until his death and gained fame in his city and throughout the province also taking care of the design and testing of the organs. The Chapter of the Cathedral of Molfetta did perform his compositions for the Holy Week, presumably composed in the first half of the eighteenth century, at least until the twenties of the twentieth century, a sign of a deferential respect towards the musical teaching of Pansini. Digression Music in collaboration with the soloists of the Cappella Musicale Corradiana has recorded the Proprium and the Ordinarium of Missa in Coena Domini and the three Responsory and the three Lamentations of the First Night of Good Friday. The Mass and the Responsory are for two Sopranos, Basso and basso continuo; the first and second Lamentation are for Soprano and Basso continuo, while the third Lamentation is for Basso and Basso continuo. The recording was curated by Antonio Magarelli, director of the Cappella Musicale Corradiana, in collaboration with Annamaria Bellocchiosoprano, Ester Facchinisoprano, Michele Dispotobass, Gioacchino de Padova viola da gamba, Gaetano Magarelli organist and curator of the critical edition of the works of Pansini. The recording was carried out in the parish church of San Bernardino in Molfetta (Ba) where a precious pipe organ was built by Giuseppe Rubino in 1767. This instrument has greatly contributed to the aim of restoring a historically informed musical performance with instruments not only ancient, but even coeval to the composer. The organ, used for the realization of the basso continuo, was restored in 2010 by Paolo Tollari of Fossa di Concordia (Mo); with its tuning at 399 Hz and the remarkable and dramatic chromatic nuances offered by the meantone temperament (¼of comma), it has offered the possibility of highlighting the sought after musical affections of Pansini’s compositions.

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