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Dvorák : Musique de chambre - Œuvres vocales et orchestrales. Talich, Ancerl, Neumann, Albrecht, Belohlavek.
Format : 3 CD
Total Time : 03:58:10

Recording : 1952-2001
Country : République Tchčque
Sound : Studio/Eglise

Label : Supraphon
Catalog No. : SU4302
EAN : 0099925430221
Price Code : DM021A

Publishing Year : 2021
Release Date : 29/09/2021

Genre : Classical
Antonín Dvorák (1841-1904)
Danses Slaves, op. 72
n° 2 en mi mineur
n° 7 en do majeur
Duos Moraves
We were friends on meeting, op. 32
The water and the tears, op. 32
The apple, op. 38
Allegro du Quatuor ŕ cordes n° 3 en ré majeur
Mazurkas, op. 56
Trio pour piano en mi mineur, op. 90 "Dumky"
Romance et final de la Suite tchčque en ré majeur, op. 39
Scherzo du Quintette en la majeur, op. 81
Poco andante du Quintette ŕ cordes n° 2 en sol majeur, op. 77
Ouverture "My home", op. 62
Ave Maria, op. 19
Scherzo de la Sonatine pour violon et piano en sol majeur, op. 100
Adagio ma non troppo du Concerto pour violoncelle et orchestre n° 2, op. 104
Adagio de la Symponie n° 1 en do mineur
Allegro de la Symphonie n° 4 en ré mineur, op. 13
Dumka en do mineur, op. 12
Andante et minuetto de la Sérénade pour instruments ŕ vent, op. 44
"Batusko muj", extrait de l'opéra "Dimitrij"
"Beda! Beda! Uboha bleda-Cely svet neda ti, neda", extrait de l'opéra "Rusalka"
Extraits de l'opéra "Jakobin"
"Pohled mi do oci, podej mi ruku"
"Tak, moji drazil!"
Love songs, op. 83
Now as by that house I tread
Lonely in the wood I stand
In the sweet power of thine eyes
My only dear one, my dear love
Quatuor ŕ cordes "Les Cyprčs"
The old letter in my book
Nature lies peaceful in slumber and dreaming
Poeticke nalady, op. 85
"Bois silencieux", pour violoncelle et orchestre, op. 68/5
In Nature's Realm, op. 63
Bells untied in an evening wood
Rye field
Ouverture "Nature's Realm", op. 91
"At Svata hora", extrait de "Poetic Moods", op. 85
Allegro giusto de "Legends", op. 59
"Hospodine, pomiluj ny!", extrait de l'oratorio "Saint Ludmila", op. 71
Nocturne pour orchestre ŕ cordes en si majeur, op. 40
"Eja, Mater, fons amoris", extrait du "Stabat Mater", op. 58
"Maria Panno, pri mne stuj", extrait de "The Spectre's Bride", op. 69
"Confutatis maledctis", extrait du "Requiem", op. 89
Biblical Songs, op. 99
Hear, oh my prayer, Lord my God
Oh, my shepherd is the Lord
"Aeterna fa cum santis, dignare Domine, die ista", extrait du "Te Deum", op. 103

Drahomíra Drobková, contralto
Richard Novak, basse
Miloslava Fidlerová, soprano
Ivo Žídek, ténor
Beno Blachut, ténor
Eva Urbanová, soprano
Vera Soukupová, mezzo-soprano
Gabriela Benacková, soprano
Jaroslav Soucek, baryton
Ivan Moravec, piano
Radoslav Kvapil, piano
Josef Suk, violon
Mstislav Rostropovich, violoncelle
Jan Panenka, piano
Angelica May, violoncelle
Smetana Trio
Dvorák Quartet
Prague String Quartet
Smetana Quartet
Panocha Quartet
Kühn Mixed Choir
PRague Philharmonic Choir
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Prague Symphony Orchestra
Chamber Harmony
Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra
Vaclav Talich, direction
Karel Ancerl, direction
Vaclav Neumann, direction
Gerd Albrecht, direction
Jiri Belohlavek, direction
Martin Turnovsky, direction
Alois Klima, direction
Jaroslav Vogel, direction
Valclav smetacek, direction
Radomil Eliska, direction

To mark the 180th anniversary of Antonín Dvorák’s birth, Supraphon has released a special 3-CD set. Presenting a wide selection of the composer’s chamber, orchestral and vocal works, it contains recordings made by superb musicians in the second half of the 20th century that are still exemplary and unrivalled in many a respect. Dvorák is paid tribute to by renowned Czech Philharmonic conductors (Talich, Ancerl, Neumann, Belohlávek, Sawallisch, Mackerras, and others), instrumentalists (Rostropovich, May, Suk and Panenka), singers (Soukupová, Benacková, Urbanová, Blachut, Novák), choirmasters (Jan and Pavel Kühn), as well as the Prague, Dvorák, Smetana and Panocha Quartets. The album’s repertoire was compiled by Patrick Lambert, a former long-time music editor and BBC Radio 3 producer, a great lover and connoisseur of Czech music, who focused on the themes to which Antonín Dvorák had a strong, passionate affinity: the Nation and Homeland, the Slavonic Soul, Nature, God and Religion, Family and Humour.

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