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500 ans de musique pour orgue, vol. 2. Chezzi, Scandali, Stella, Pohl, Marini.
Format : 50 CD Digibox

Label : Brilliant
Catalog No. : BRIL96139
EAN : 5028421961392
Price Code : DM110

Publishing Year : 2020
Release Date : 01/04/2020

Genre : Classical
500 ans de musique pour orgue, vol. 2
Œuvres pour orgue choisies de la Renaissance jusqu'au 20e siècle
Renaissance (Antegnati, Pellegrini, Bonelli, Gabrieli…)
Baroque (Zipoli, Pachelbel, Krebs, Lübeck, Marcello…)
Classique (Spergher, Cimarosa, Valeri, Galuppi...)
Romantique (Rheinberger, Merkel, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Poncielli, Fumagalli...)
20e siècle (Messiaen, Ligeti...)

Bruno Forst, orgue
Luca Scandali, orgue
Francesco Cera, orgue
Federico Del Sordo, orgue
Roberto Loreggian, orgue
Enrico Vicardi, orgue
Matteo Messori, orgue
Joseph Rassam, orgue
Emanuele Cardi, orgue
Manuel Tomadin, orgue
Carlo Guandalino, orgue
Simone Stella, orgue
Stefano Molardi, orgue
Chiara Minali, orgue
Matthias Havinga, orgue
Massimo Gabba, orgue
Nicola Reniero, orgue
Filippo Turri, orgue
Adriano Falcioni, orgue
Andrea Chezzi, orgue
Paolo Bottini, orgue
Giulio Piovani, orgue
Marco Ruggeri, orgue
Michael Pohl, orgue
Fabio Macera, orgue
Roberto Marini, orgue
Jean-Baptiste Robin, orgue
Willem Tanke, orgue
Stacey Rishoi, mezzo-soprano
Mauro Occhionero, percussion de la renaissance

Suite au succès mérité rencontré par le premier volume « 500 ans de musique pour orgue » (BRIL95310), Brilliant Classics flatte à nouveau nos oreilles et comble notre discothèque avec cette seconde anthologie toute aussi imposante. L’inégalable savoir-faire de l’éditeur hollandais en matière de riches coffrets thématiques rigoureusement documentés n’est plus à prouver. Les 50 disques qui composent cette nouvelle édition en attestent. Présenté dans l’ordre chronologique, le coffret s’articule en 3 parties autour des périodes majeures de l’instrument : La Renaissance et le pré-baroque, le baroque et le classique, le romantique et le 20e siècle. Grands Maîtres du clavier, musiciens oubliés ou illustres inconnus, à chaque période son lot d’évidences, de surprises et de belles découvertes. Orgues historiques ou instruments plus récents, les solistes sont comme toujours excellent, les organistes stars du catalogue Brilliant Classics en tête, et rendent un hommage mérité à celui que Mozart désignait comme le "Roi des instruments".

The first volume of 500 Years of Organ Music (95310) plunged us into the world of a majestic instrument which has been a formidable presence in churches and cathedrals for thousands of years. In this new anthology we delve deeper into the vast soundscape, discovering an eclectic range of composers and their equally varied works for what Mozart once described as ‘the king of instruments’. Much of the oldest organ music has been lost or destroyed. However, to this day in institutions and libraries around the world ancient manuscripts are still discovered languishing on cobwebbed shelves, and the music’s fragments are painstakingly pieced together, allowing new works to come to light. For instance, we are introduced to Gonzalo de Baena, whose collection Newly devised method for learning to play, dating from 1540, was only rediscovered in 1992. Other Renaissance-era highlights include Italian virtuosi Cristofano Malvezzi, Giovanni Maria Trabaci and Antonio Valente, whose works offer an insight into the era’s musical traditions, with parallel triads and typically highly ornamented melodies. Encompassing a range of European contributions, the anthology also features Spanish early music and particularly the tiento. Deriving its name from tentar ‘to touch’, the tiento is Spain’s answer to the Italian ricercar. The style is exemplified by Francisco Correa de Arauxo’s Libro de tientos y discursos de música practica, published in 1626, and its pieces set the stage for the Spanish Baroque era. Among the German composers, the set includes Johann Caspar Kerll, a highly-respected composer in his day whose works were studied by Handel and J.S. Bach. He is virtually forgotten today, but receives due credit here with a full CD dedicated to his canzone and toccatas. Naturally, a survey of the German organ music repertoire is not complete without the contribution made by the Bach family, and seven members of the family, including J.S. Bach, grace this set. The Classical era witnessed a decline in organ music as composers became increasingly enamoured by the instruments in the piano family. That being said, manuscripts of ‘keyboard’ works are ambiguous as to whether they were intended for harpsichord, fortepiano or organ. Domenico Cimarosa was the organist at the Neapolitan royal chapel and later was employed by Catherine the Great at the imperial in St Petersburg. Described by Sstendhal as ‘the Molière of composers’, his keyboard works are performed here on the organ, giving them a rich timbre and deepness. In the 19th century the rise of secularism led to an increased demand for public concerts. Freed from its traditional duty in the church, organ music once again flourished as composers and performers displayed their virtuosity and technical skill. More recent contributions to the organ music repertoire draw on the rich history of the instrument, but with room for experimentation. Flor Peeters was heavily influenced by Gregorian chant and Flemish polyphony, yet the complex polytonality and contemplative nature of his works aspire to a new sonic dimension. This collection is an immersive experience and celebrates the versatility of the organ as a voice for myriad composers and styles throughout history. Played on some of Europe’s most finely crafted and awe-inspiring organs by acclaimed performers, this set will be relished by any enthusiast.

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