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Telemann : Concertos pour instruments variés, vol. 6. La stagione, Schneider.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 01:13:24

Recording : 09-11/03/2018
Location : Berlin
Country : Allemagne
Sound : Stereo

Label : CPO
Catalog No. : CPO555239
EAN : 0761203523924
Price Code : DM021A

Publishing Year : 2019
Release Date : 04/09/2019

Genre : Classical
Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
Sinfonia Melodica en do majeur pour 2 hautbois, basson, cordes et basse continue, TWV 50:2
Concerto en mi bémol majeur pour 2 cors, 2 violons, cordes et basse continue, TWV 54:Es1
Concerto en si bémol majeur pour 3 hautbois, 3 violons et basse continue, TWV 44:43
Concerto en mi mineur pour 2 hautbois, basson, cordes et basse continue, TWV 50:4
Concerto en la majeur pour flûte, violon, violoncelle, cordes et basse continue, TWV 53:A2

La Stagione Frankfurt
Michael Schneider, direction

Following our spectacular, standard-setting complete recording of Telemann’s wind concertos on eight CDs, we are now concluding our second significant Telemann edition with its Vol. 6, which features his concertos for mixed ensemble and transports us to the very heart (and soul) of his oeuvre. Here his oft-cited »mixed style« is fully revealed in all its colorfulness. wrote, »Performed with the greatest variety and magic. A new Telemann series promising to bring superb musical high points and true moments of joy.« And the sixth CD again offers surprises and shows »that Telemann’s oeuvre is too multifaceted, too stylistically diversified, too rich in various textures, and too complex in its blend of various generic, stylistic, and formal traditions for one to be able to sum up his concerto thought in a couple of short statements. The present complete recording documents for the first time the absolutely inexhaustible wealth of his powers of design in the instrumental concerto in all the transmitted playing styles and facets; if this recording is able to serve not only as an introduction but also and more so as a source of sensuous attraction to the beauties of this absolutely unique sound world, then its highest goal will have been met« (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hirschmann, our booklet author).

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