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Johann Theile : Seelen-Music, concertos sacrés. Mields, Eckert.
Format : 1 CD
Durée totale : 01:08:35

Enregistrement : 9-12/01/2017
Lieu : Schleswig
Pays : Allemagne
Prise de son : Eglise / Stereo

Label : CPO
Référence : CPO555132
EAN : 0761203513222
Code Prix : DM014A

Année d'édition : 2019
Date de sortie : 06/03/2019

Genre : Classique
Johann Theile (1646-1724)
Sonata à 5
Die Seele Christi heilige mich
Sonata à 4
Jesu mein Herr und Gott
Sonata à 5
Gott hilf mir, denn das Wasser gehet mir an die Seele
Ach, daß ich hören sollte

Gregor Zuber (?1610-?1673)
Suite en la majeur
Suite en sol majeur
Suite en ré majeur

Christian Flor (1626-1697)
Es ist gnug, Herr
Inter brachia Salvatoris mei

Dorothee Mields, soprano
Hamburger Ratsmusik
Simone Eckert, direction

The title "Seelen-Music" (Soul Music) refers to the first complete collection of all the extant Cantatas by Johann Theile for soprano solo with viol accompaniment, presented here with the recording premieres of Sacred Concertos by Theile’s fellow Northern German Christian Flor and Instrumental Suites by the Gottorf violinist Gregor Zuber. The composer Johann Theile is of great significance in music history inasmuch as he is held to be one of the last pupils of Heinrich Schütz, who was the most important German-language composer of the seventeenth century. Theile presumably was appointed to the post of chapel master in Gottorf at the suggestion of Duchess Marie Elisabeth, the daughter of Prince Elector Johann Georg I of Saxony and in her youth a Schütz pupil in her own right. From 1673 to 1678 he worked at this court under her son Duke Christian Albrecht. When Gottorf was under Danish occupation, Theile accompanied the duke into exile in Hamburg, where both contributed to the establishment of the first public opera house in Germany and its opening with Theile’s singspiel Adam und Eva. In Dorothee Mields we have found a dream soloist for these mostly contemplative works, and her bright, sublimely balanced soprano voice lends them breathtaking depth.

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