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Top  Catalog  Contemporary  STR37136
Wooden Songs. Musique contemporaine pour percussion. Beneventi.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 00:55:09

Recording : 01/08/2019
Location : Parme
Country : Italie
Sound : Studio / Stereo

Label : Stradivarius
Catalog No. : STR37136
EAN : 8011570371362
Price Code : DM019A

Publishing Year : 2019
Release Date : 05/02/2020

Genre : Classical
David Lang (1957-)
Scraping song, pour percussion seul

Silvia Borzelli (1978-)
Wooden, pour marimba 5 octaves, 1 woodblock, 1 logdrum

Johann Svensson (1983-)
12 One Man Band, pour percussions en bois, vibrateurs et instruments à air

Riccardo Nova (1960-)
a (grammatica del delirio), pour percussion en bois et électroniques

Simone Beneventi, percussion

Wood is a primordial material. As such it contains life, both natural and human. To strike wood, to make it vibrate is the ancestral musical gesture second only to the rhythm of footsteps and breathing. No one can really know for certain, but without too many anthropological doubts, we can assume that the first non body related instrument was a piece of wood. From that moment on human imagination has discovered countless ways of manipulating this many sided material as a medium, ranging from constructing to music making. The wooden instrument is of profound cultural significance for the human race. The natural material has always been perceived by humans as an extension of the body. Take for example the stamping stick in the hands of a Master of Ceremonies: as the stick is hitting the ground the Master keeps the tempo for the chorus and the dancers, a primeval action for most music-oriented civilizations. Simone Beneventi’s research is focused on the wooden universe. He has collaborated with composers and master carpenters such as Giuseppe Bussi, ebony woodworker and conservator, creating and constructing wooden sound objects, many of which were made for the occasion.

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