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Tobias Klich : +. Klich, Chengwen, Dewes, François, Marillier, Postweiler, Kang.
Format : 1 DVD Vidéo

Label : Wergo
Catalog No. : WER6436
EAN : 4010228643626
Price Code : DM019A

Publishing Year : 2021
Release Date : 01/09/2021

Genre : Classical

On this DVD Tobias Klich presents his transdisciplinary work in conjunction with James Chan-A-Sue in four cinematic interpretations, two of them as multipart cycles. Klich is not only composer but also guitarist, filmmaker, visual artist and his compositions investigate the link between hearing and seeing. Three basic aspects form an often-inseparable unity in his creations as Dirk Wieschollek writes in the booklet text: ‘an urge toward complex assemblages of sonic phenomena, the visual potential of sonic articulation, and references to extra-musical sources of inspiration from art, literature and philosophy’. In dialogue with the famous socio-critical cycle Los Caprichos by Francisco de Goya, Klich’s "Goya-Triptychon" (‘Goya triptych’) takes specific pictorial elements from the etchings of the spanish master and transfers them into the gestures of the players. With projections consisting of fragmentary pictorial excerpts, which are synchronised as closely as possible with the music and the players’ movements, the different layers merge to an organic entity. Another large cycle of this compilation is the four-part collaborative project "4 Hände" (‘Four hands’) with composer CHEN Chengwen. Here, two musicians play together a single instrument and produce sounds in multiple nuances, which could only be realised in this four-hand manner. The composers refer to the partition of man’s original nature into four-armed spherical beings described in Plato’s Symposium. Diverse solo-interpreters, as Séverine Ballon and Åsa Åkerberg, present impressively the character of their instruments and allows us a glance into their relationship.

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