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The Sameyda Ensemble : Musique folklorique traditionnelle de Turquie.
Format : 1 CD

Recording : 1973-1983
Country : Turquie/Suède
Sound : Studio / Stereo

Label : Caprice Records
Catalog No. : CAP21878
EAN : 7391782218787
Price Code : DM019A

Publishing Year : 2019
Release Date : 01/05/2019

Genre : World
Musique folklorique traditionnelle de Turquie
Evlerinde makine
Giresun kol havasi
Improvisation à la Cura
Improvisation et zybek au Kabak kemane
Musique Dervish
Improvisation au ney
Bu akli fikr ile
Gelin Allah diyelim
Danses de Antep
Musique militaire
Chansons et Danses de Karadeniz
Koroglu bar, Danse de Erzurum
Mélodie populaire au baglama
Alli turnam
Carnations in a bouquet
The wheat miller
Wandering in this garden
The carpet in the room
The blonde girl
To summit the top of the mountains
Sleepless nights
I wander days and nights
Instrumental à la cornemuse turque et blugare
Ayna ayna ellere
Yüksek yüksek tepelere

The Sameyda Ensemble
Ziya Aytekin, mey, tulum, sipsi, zil
Ahmet Tekbilek, saz, bendir, cura, gayda
Faik Karagöz, davul, darbouka
Cengiz Tümer, târ, baglama
Sevinç Uygur, chant
Mehmet Öncü, kabak kemane

Music from Turkey provides a synoptic presentation of Turkish music. One can find the traditional music — both folk and classical music — but also popular music influenced by Western, Indian and North African culture. Just like the original release and all other volumes in the series, the music is enriched by a comprehensive booklet with writings by Krister Malm (1973), Dan Lundberg, Viveka Hellström and Fikret Çesmeli (2016). The booklet covers many topics, from the relation between the Islamic religion and music, urban and rural, folk- and art music. We learn about the typical Turkish instruments and about the many different types of music they create. The booklet also provides in-depth descriptions of each of the 23 tracks on the album. In addition to the Turkisk musik album, Music from Turkey also contains the complete material from another album with the Turkish music group Sameyda (originally released on the Origo label), which was mostly active in Sweden in the 1980’s. Thanks to the producer and recording technician Tomas Gabrielsson, we have been given the opportunity to include this fantastic material. The band Sameyda The singer Sevinç Uygur founded the group and was its natural leader. She also gathered the band’s entire repertoire, mostly from the Turkish Radio’s folk music orchestra, a kind of modern versions of traditional folk songs, with strong melodies and rhythms. Many of the lyrics are quite jovial in character, built on rhymes and jingles with love as the main theme. The group’s name is a compound of syllables from the names of various traditional instruments used by Sameyda: the string instrument saz, wind instrument mey and large drum davul. The band members all play several instruments each. Sameyda consisted of six exceptional Turkish musicians, all residing in Sweden at the time the album Dügün Kina Ve Ask Türküleri was released in 1985.

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