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Sylvano Bussotti : Œuvres pour flûte et percussions. Fabbriciani, Faralli.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 01:05:15

Recording : 2019
Location : Florence
Country : Italie
Sound : Studio / Stereo

Label : Tactus
Catalog No. : TC931902
EAN : 8007194107609
Price Code : DM017A

Publishing Year : 2021
Release Date : 03/11/2021

Genre : Classical
Sylvano Bussotti (1931-2021)
"Sypraio", pour flûte et percussions
"Autoritratto", pour flûte et percussions
"Tutti, Delle notti Sylvane", pour percussions seules
"Cardellino, Cinciallegra, Ciuffolotto e Cormorano", pour flûte seule
"Autotono", pour flûte et percussions
"Tutti, Alcuni", pour flûte, percusisons et bande magnétique
"Tutti, Scrigno", pour percussions seules
"Rara dolce", pour flûte seule
"Serpe", pour flûte et percussions

Roberto Fabbriciani, flûte
Jonathan Faralli, percussions

In the month of the ninetieth birthday of one of the most singular and emblematic composers on the international contemporary scene, this record production comes as a tribute to the figure of Sylvano Bussotti, thanks to Jonathan Faralli on percussion and Roberto Fabbriciani on flute, an equally emblematic performer and constant point of reference in the musical production of our century, as well as a great friend and close collaborator of Bussotti himself. A must for lovers of the genre, in which the masterful work of the two performers stages Bussotti's famous and theatrical scores, full of dramaturgy, poetry and scenographic both for the eyes and for the ears.

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