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Rino Farruggio : E Il giorno della vita, poème musical. Paulicelli.
Format : 1 CD

Label : III Millennio
Catalog No. : CDNCS0297
EAN : 8026097021393
Price Code : DM019A

Publishing Year : 2016

Genre : Classical
Rino Farruggio (20ème siècle)
E Il giorno della vita
Natale della gente
Gente pellegrina
Andiamo andiamo
Natale è ora
È il giorno della vita
Correre correre
A Natale a Natale
Da lontano ti vedrò
Cielo di misericordia
A te Giuseppe
...E l'angelo disse
Ave Maria
Nostra signora del Natale
Cantico dei cantici (Amor sublime)
Cantico di Simeone

The singer-songwriter musician Rino Farruggio with "E’ il giorno della vita" seems to connect, sometimes daring, and perhaps even making peace, Christmas with the solemn Christmas street of the shining lights of Cathedrals; It is almost a will tie the Christmas of the house with that of the Church, the simple song of the children with the most elaborate of the adults, the tammorra and the organ of the Ethnic-Folk with author’s Pop, dear expressions in the liturgies and meetings of many young people, adults and children. Farruggio he again resurface the sound memories, including the classic Christmas tunes, reliving them as a reference to his unique creativity. Christmas, but also before and after (Advent - Epiphany) are submitted to the Farruggio musical contemplation that still favors the prospect of living of the people. "Natale della gente", but also Christmas "from" people, a singing that includes and is contaminated, even daring, of melodies and lyrics that do not discount the Gospel mystery and narrate, preferably, with admiring eyes of the heart open the mystical joy of the popular celebration of the birth of God.

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