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Richard Lambert : Trough the Void. Lees, Trigg, Capulet, Pott, Bangham, Watts, Lambert.
Format : 1 CD

Label : Quartz
Catalog No. : QTZ2142
EAN : 0880040214229
Price Code : DM017A

Publishing Year : 2021
Release Date : 01/06/2021

Genre : Classical
Richard Lambert (1951-)
Sonate pour basson
Nocturno em Carcavelos
Counting the Beats, d'après R. Graves
Counting the Beats
She Tells Her Love While Half Asleep
The Far Side of Your Moon
Extraits de "Tallat tunes"
n° 1 "Criss-Cross"
n° 6 "Ostinato Download"
Deux Pièces pour piano
The Touches of sweet harmony
The sun breaks through the darkest clouds
Abigail's Jig
Pièces brèves
Empty night (where are you?)
To entice you
The day we met
Learn my name
Moments words
Dedham Vale
The royal Festival Hall
Newlands Beck
Through the void, an angel's cry

Claire Lees, soprano
Hollie-Anne Bangham, mezzo-soprano
Elizabeth Trigg, basson
Francis Pott, piano
Rachel Smith, flûte, flûte alto
Emilie Capulet, piano
Richard Lambert, piano
Liv Watts, bassoon

Organist and Pianist Richard Lambert, born in 1951, as a composer has worked with Elizabeth Poston, Malcolm Williamson and more recently Sebastian Forbes and Francis Pott. Lambert is not a British composer, he is equivocally an English one. “If Englishness in music can be encapsulated in words at all, those words would probably be ostensibly familiar and commonplace, yet deep and mystical as well as lyrical, melodic, melancholic, and nostalgic yet timeless” (Peter Ackroyd). “It is a common thread lurking somewhere in our musical psyche, as true of Elgar as it was of Britten, that emotional r epression in whatever form is an enormously creative force, and indeed articulating that rather than overcoming it is a key strand in musical “Englishness”’ (Nicholas Kenyon). Theodor Leschetizky’s perception of the quintessential English performer circa 1900 would not be out of place in such a gallery.

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