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Rich Pellegrin : Solo Improvisations.
Format : 1 CD Digipack

Label : OA2 Records
Catalog No. : OA222189
EAN : 0805552218923
Price Code : DM019A

Publishing Year : 2021
Release Date : 01/08/2021

Genre : Jazz
Solo Improvisations
Improvisation I
Improvisation II
Improvisation III
Improvisation IV
Improvisation V
Improvisation VI
Improvisation VII
Improvisation VIII
Improvisation IX
Improvisation X
Improvisation xI
Improvisation XII
Improvisation XIII
Improvisation XIV
Improvisation XV
Improvisation XVI
Improvisation XVII
Improvisation XVIII
Improvisation IXX
Improvisation XX
Improvisation XXI
Improvisation XXII
Improvisation XXIII
Improvisation XXIV
Improvisation XXV

Rich Pellegrin, piano

Having released three powerful, boundary-crossing quintet records over the past decade, Rich Pellegrin turns to a small historic church, a piano, and an abundance of open time for Solitude, a set of contemplative improvisations. Recorded at Whidbey Island's charming Langley Methodist Church, near Seattle, Pellegrin captures the spirit of place in these times, exploring the wide-open spaces of the mind and reconnecting with water, mountains and forest. The piano itself, also a relic with its own idiosyncracies and character, is another personality in the performance as its creaks and exhortations suggested paths for the performance to wander. An accomplished musical mind with sweeping, far-reaching intentions offers, with Solitude, the freedom to just "be."

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