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In natali Domini. Chants de Noël polonais anciens. Urbaniak.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 01:01:27

Recording : 03-05/07/2019
Location : Bialystok
Country : Pologne
Sound : Stereo

Label : Acte Préalable
Catalog No. : AP0457
EAN : 5901741654574
Price Code : DM017A

Publishing Year : 2019
Release Date : 27/11/2019

Genre : Classical
Chants de Noël polonais anciens
In natali Domini
Promit vox angelica
O sine labe intensa
Ave magne Rex coelorum
Nigdym temu wierzyc nie chcial
Magnum nomen Domini
Christus, qui genitus Mariae
Tempus monet, ut cithara sonum det
Pavan, Galarda
Vidua et prophetissa
Quem pastores laudavere
In natali Domini
Tantum ergo sacramentum
Narrant vaticina
Iam cantemus hodie
Ecce reges terrae congregate sunt
Non ditto
Gratanter iubilemus
Pastores, relinquite vestores greges
Congaudete laete, laete
Smutne serce zaloscia
Nigdy bych ja wierzyc nie chcial
Angelus Domini ad pastores
Dominus natus est
Emanuel de virgine natus est hodie
Jesu redemptor omnium

Ensemble QuattroVoce
Marta Wroblewska, soprano
Pawel Pecuszok, ténor
Aleksandra Pawluczuk, mezzo-soprano
Przemyslaw Kummer, basse-baryton
Consort (sur instruments d'époque)
Adela Czaplewska, viole de gambe, flûte à bec ténor
Filip Zielinski, luth, guitare de la renaissance
Krzysztof Owczynik, vielle à roue, flûtes à bec, cornemuse, crumhorn, percussion, cloches
Jacek Urbaniak, bombarde, flûtes à bec, cornemuse, cloches

The joyful and celebratory Christmas habits are usually associated with a beautiful, charming and very special musical entourage, deriving from a long-standing tradition and perpetuated customs. Old customary Christmas traditions are strictly based on archetypic early music of a given society, and is therefore a continuum and a heritage of the sophisticated high culture, and – on the other hand – the multigenerational folkloric tradition maintained and passed down over centuries. The majority of Christmas tunes and musical works have been repeatedly recorded. However, there are still several undiscovered or less known musical resources existing worldwide, e.g. ancient manuscripts or valuable scores from Middle Ages and Renaissance onwards to the present, that are expecting content analysis, inventory procedures, new interpretation and phonographic records. In fact, discovering those historical mysterious material may provide a new quality to the European and Polish culture. Specifically, Christmas celebration may not necessarily be associated just with familiar traditional carols, but may be revitalized in a way, due to unique musical masterpieces recovered in historic places. Early music re-found in monasteries, churches and libraries could tell us new stories. The present CD offers three categories of early music, representing different genres: Christmas songs included to the little-explored Staniatki Cantional originating from 16th to 18th centuries, dances from the Cracow Lute Tablature (16th c.), and two four-voice sacred pieces by prominent Polish composers...

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