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Monologues 2020. Pièces contemporaines pour clarinette. Schouten.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 00:56:03
Sound : Stereo

Label : MSO
Catalog No. : OR0045
EAN : 9120040732455

Publishing Year : 2021
Release Date : 01/05/2021

Genre : Classical
Guus Janssen (1951-)
"…van horen zingen…", pour cor de basset

Lotta Wennäkoski (1970-)
"Limn", pour clarinette basse

Enno Poppe (1969-)
"Holz", pour clarinette basse

Isang Yun (1917-1995)
"Monolog", pour clarinette basse

Ton de Leeuw (1926-1996)
"Mountains", pour clarinette basse et bande enregistrée

Fie Schouten, clarinette, cor de basset

Both the idea and the recordings for the album “Monologues 2020” came about during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. The Dutch clarinetist Fie Schouten, who has a particular love for the bass clarinet, combines two classics of the repertoire of this special instrument (“Monolog” by Isang Yun and “Mountains” by Ton De Leeuw) with works by Enno Poppe, Guus Janssen and Lotta Wennäkoski. However different the sound world of the individual composers might be, combined and as single pieces, they represent a journey towards the inner self. The warmth of the sound of the bass clarinet (and the bassethorn in the case of one piece) invites the listener to join Fie Schouten on this journey.

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