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Mimmo Danza : Miserere. Elizarov.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 00:55:00

Label : Stradivarius
Catalog No. : STR37173
EAN : 8011570371737
Price Code : DM019A

Publishing Year : 2020

Genre : Classical
Mimmo Danza (20e siècle)
Ave Maria en sol mineur
Agnus Dei
Salve Regina
Padre Nostro
Ave Maria en ré majeur

Chamber Choir "Stanislav Legkov" Saint Petersburg
Alexey A. Elizarov, direction

I believe the key idea of this, if I may define it as so, "cycle of prayers" is the effusion of spiritual warmth in the individual, the sharing of pity, love and joy in the heart of men; all sincerely instilled by the composer Domenico Danza. It is an immense pleasure to listen to such rich, intense and prolonged music; a sweet emotion right from the heart of Nature itself. The sound of the choir strikes you for the richness in its styles, the colored nuances, its lively spirits and a sophisticated flowing mix of impressionistic, enchanted and fascinating sounds. As the famous russian musicologist and composer B. Asafiev used to say: "the composer's talent is Talent, the mind is the Mind, the techniques of his profession is the Technique and, naturally, these have to be beautiful otherwise everything falls apart." Danza's cycle of prayers cannot be considered mere liturgy, it's rather music in its philosophical essence where thought becomes music and music itself is thought. From the first to the last prayer a deep soul and delicate lyrics persist, the music unfolds on a transparent and lyrical sound, and, even in the presence of a consistant amount of material, viscosity and weight are not perceived. An extensive and widespread work which to me truly attracts for its lyrics and sincerity.

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