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Kui Dong : Painted Lights. Petrus, Brenner, Quatuor Arditti, Schlüsselberg, Geary.
Format : 1 CD Digipack
Total Time : 00:55:32

Recording : 2014-2019
Location : Vienne/chicago/Hanover/Berkeley
Country : Etats-Unis/Autriche
Sound : Studio / Stereo

Label : Kairos
Catalog No. : 0015114KAI
EAN : 9120010289149

Publishing Year : 2022
Release Date : 01/03/2022

Genre : Classical
Kui Dong (1966-)
"California Shoreline", pour soprano, quatuor à cordes et piano préparé
"Scattered Ladder", pour 2 marimbas et 4 percussions
"Differences within Oneness", pour quatuor à cordes
"Painted Lights", pour chœur mixte et chœur d'enfants

Juliet Petrus, soprano
Deirdre Brenner, piano
Third Coast Percussion
Arditti Quartet
Koehne Quartet
Raphael Schlüsselberg, direction
Volti Vocal Ensemble
Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir
Robert Geary, direction

While a single album can only offer listeners a small aural glimpse of the output for most composers, previous discs devoted to the music of Kui Dong (b. 1966) have featured very varied programs, often to the point of teasing listeners into pondering at first exposure if the same person created all the music. The same is true for this current album, perhaps even more so. Yet repeated listenings to recordings of Kui Dong’s seemingly disparate pieces reveal common kinships even though they are often so stylistically contradictory. Musicians need to move from one part of the performance area to another, creating various sonic clashes in so doing. Perhaps this is somehow an acoustic metaphor for her own personal journey from one side of the world to the other – Kui Dong’s music exists at the intersections between several different cultural traditions as they each had undergone significant transformations.

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