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Jonah Haven : Gasser. Ensemble Recherche, Ensemble Proton Bern, Mayrhofer.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 01:01:05

Recording : 2020-2022
Location : Cologne/Zürich
Country : Allemagne/Suisse
Sound : Studio / Stereo

Label : Wergo
Catalog No. : WER6441
EAN : 4010228644128
Price Code : DM021A

Publishing Year : 2023
Release Date : 01/09/2023

Genre : Classical
Jonah Haven (1995-)
"Aren't wet", pour basson préparé et violon préparé
"Gasser", pour huit musiciens
"Another ditch", pour flûte alto, batterie et alto
"Starnge nest", pour clarinette basse, piano et violoncelle
"Slip letting by hand", pour violon préparé et violoncelle
"I burn a million years", duo d'accordéon microtonal

Duo Xamp
Trio Catch
Ensemble Recherche
Ensemble Proton Bern
Gregor Mayrhofer, direction

Extreme expression and fragile beauty meet in the music of Jonah Haven. The composer understands his work as an exploration of his own life and existentially human experiences such as despair, loss and isolation. Driven by a constant search for the new, Haven draws from a broad palette of sounds. In the mostly small-scale works of the portrait, there are microtonal shifts in the accordion duet "i burn a million years," for example. Elsewhere, remnants of tonal, traditional music shine through under distorted and perforated sounds generated largely by multiphonics, as in "slip letting by hand," a duet for violin and cello. Many of the pieces audibly push the musicians to their physical limits, as in "aren't wet" for prepared bassoon and violin with prepared bow, in which the two dissimilar instruments converge sonically through the preparations and amplification. In the large ensemble piece "gasser," likewise the title of this portrait, high registers and the lack of pauses for breath create a barely avoidable “gasping” when the instrumentalists take in air. Booklet author Gordon Kampe resumes: "In ‘gasser’, supposedly austere beauty tilts into a human – because imperfect – beauty through various sonic contaminations, a process which links nearly all the pieces with each other."

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