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Funambules : Trios pour saxophone, piano et percussions de Aperghis, Riehm, Schöllhorn, Prins. Trio Accanto.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 01:07:49

Recording : 06-09/01/2016
Location : Stuttgart
Country : Allemagne
Sound : Studio / Stereo

Label : Wergo
Catalog No. : WER7358
EAN : 4010228735826
Price Code : DM021A

Publishing Year : 2017
Release Date : 01/03/2017

Genre : Classical
Georges Aperghis (1945-)
Trio Funambule, pour saxophone alto, piano et percussion

Rolf Riehm (1937-)
Basar Aleppo oder die Strasse nach Tyros, pour ténor saxophone, piano, marimba et voix enregistrée

Johannes Schöllhorn (1962-)
Sinaďa 1916, pour saxophone baryton, piano et percussion

Stefan Prins (1979-)
Mirror box (flesh+prosthesis #3), pour saxophone ténor-soprano, piano préparé, mini-clavier, percussion et électronique live

Trio Accanto
Marcus Weiss, saxophone
Nicolas Hodges, piano
Christian Dierstein, percussion

The Trio Accanto is a most unusual ensemble. 25 years ago, it was a brave step to consider forming an ensemble made up of saxophone, percussion, and piano because no repertoire worth mentioning existed. This CD demonstrates: This now has changed. The interesting constellation of the group has had a liberating effect on the tonal fantasies of the composers, leading to a great wealth of mixtures, combinations, and amalgamations. This CD contains recordings of works by Georges Aperghis, Rolf Riehm, Johannes Schöllhorn, and Stefan Prins. For them, the trio as "sounding body" is the focus of their compositions. Georges Aperghis' "Trio Funambule“ resembles a dance on a tightrope. The piece proceeds in perpetually balancing movements – sometimes staggering, sometimes hesitant. All three instruments can always be differentiated as independent partners. In Rolf Riehm’s “Basar Aleppo oder Die Straße nach Tyros”, the musicians also make an appearance as actual persons. With the subtitle “Klangszenen" [Scenes in Sound], Riehm refers to the theatrical character of this composition. Johannes Schöllhorn’s piece “Sinaďa 1916“ sounds as if from a great distance, a remote legendary past. The trio moves, completely together, in slow and steady steps, in perfect harmony. Stefan Prins provides the musicians with a number of technical extensions for "Mirror Box (flesh + Prosthesis)": pre-recorded material, electronic samples, preparations … his piece certainly has the most eccentric “sounding body” of all the pieces on this CD.

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