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L'école viennoise du violon, vol. 1 : Duos et études. Lissy, Frasineanu.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 01:14:05

Recording : 20/05-07/09/2020
Location : Mitterretzbach
Country : Autriche
Sound : Studio / Stereo

Label : Gramola
Catalog No. : GRAM99330
EAN : 9003643992306
Price Code : DM019A

Publishing Year : 2021

Genre : Classical
Joseph Mayseder (1789-1863)
Duo pour 2 violons en mi majeur, op. 32

Leopold Jansa (1795-1875)
Duo pour 2 violons en la majeur, op. 64 n° 6

Joseph Böhm (0795-1876)
Etude n° 1 en do dièse mineur
Etude n° 2 en sol mineur

Georg Hellmesberger (1800-1873)
Duo pour 2 violons n° 3 en mi mineur

Franz Gurtsch (1800-1867)
Thème et Variations, extraits de "Duo pour 2 violons", op. 7 n° 3

Jakob Dont (1815-1888)
Duo pour 2 violons en do majeur, op. 43

Raimund Lissy, violon
Adela Frasineanu, violon

The violin duos and etudes on the present CD were composed between 1820 and 1869; the composers - Joseph Mayseder, Leopold Jansa, Joseph Böhm, Georg Hellmesberger, Franz Grutsch and Jakob Dont - were outstanding violinists who decisively impacted Viennese musical life. Raimund Lissy and Adela Frasineanu, members of the violin section of the Vienna Philharmonic, present typical teaching repertoire from the Vienna Violin School, which is directly based on practical experience, since all but one of the composers were much sought-after violin teachers themselves. The first edition of this upcoming series emphatically demonstrates that with all the virtuoso content and etude-like form, the musical and cantabile aspects do not have to be neglected.

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