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Donato Fumarola : Raccolto a sud. Liuzzi, Fumarola, Puntillo.
Format : 1 CD Digipack

Label : Digressione
Catalog No. : DCTT118
EAN : 8054726141181
Price Code : DM019A

Publishing Year : 2021
Release Date : 01/08/2021

Genre : Classical

The struggle of dialects for being acknowledged the proper dignity as languages with a literature of their own has been a long one involving many aspects, and yet it seems forgotten by the many who still consider it an important issue in relation to several aspects: the one regarding one’s own identity, but also social, cultural and political aspects. With this in mind and after a long quest for the sources of his own music, Donato Fumarola, an Apulian pianist and composer, started collecting and putting into music the materials of his research concerning the most significant Apulian vernacular poets using their Bari dialect. Chiara Liuzzi is the performer turning the words into sounds, echoes, songs, thanks to the alchemy of a universal metalanguage, hidden here and there in the old Apulian dialect with its sounds and colours, evoking ancestral worlds. The travel mate along this journey is Nicola Puntillo with his bass clarinet to pave the road and suggest new paths. Melodies, melopoeias, waltz fragments, plainsong, profane prayers, mix with improvisation elements in a kaleidoscope of memories, of long-forgotten stories of the past that seem asleep during the day and are brought back to life by the night winds, thus bringing back to mind images of the rural world, its landscapes, the cultural and economic gap between Italy’s North and South (the so-called ‘questione meridionale’), and the longing for the happy poverty of that vanished world. Poetry is turned into song, the “vulgar” (as the early Italian vernacular was called) becomes the sparkling sound of the original language of the motherland/landmother. The journey sets off moving from “some of the fathers” of Bari’s twentieth-century poetry, such as Giuseppe De Benedictis, Antonio Nitti, Nicola Gonnella, with a tribute to Vittorio Bodini (partly from Bari and partly from Salento), to younger artists like Giovanni Laera from Noci and Maria Nardelli from Locorotondo, up to the recognisable and well-known voices of Pietro Gatti from Ceglie Messapica, Lino Angiuli from Valenzano, Vittorino Curci from Noci and Grazia Stella Elia from Trinitapoli. The journey ends with a folk prayer.

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