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Daniele Di Maglie : La mia parte peggiore.
Format : 1 CD Digipack
Total Time : 00:47:00

Recording : 01/06/2018
Country : Italie
Sound : Studio / Stereo

Label : Digressione
Catalog No. : DCTT84
EAN : 8054726140849
Price Code : DM019A

Publishing Year : 2019

Genre : Pop
Daniele Di Maglie
Chiedimi perdono
Violini di Chagall
Indiani e generali
Aprite il fuoco
Come fa il cormorano
Quando torno a casa
Ho sentito
Ti rendero feice
Il ragazzo di Sirte
La mia parte peggiore

Daniele Di Maglie, guitare, voix
Cristò Chiapparino, piano, guitare, orgue, percussion
Giovanni Chiapparino, percussion
Dario Di Lecce, contrebasse

My worst part describes an intensely personal and inexorably, irremediably political affair. It is personal because lived with the fury of the bowels, in full autonomy, and political because inevitably inserted in the nebulous social historical context of the last years (from the massacre of Bologna to the Bataclàn, to be clear). A "training novel" focused on growth, maturation, the ancient struggle for resistance to the progressive shattering of illusions. The parable of love becomes here a universal category of social-relational integration. Through the precise narration of the spasmodic research of the loved one, which is after all an identity research on the field - along a time span ranging from early youth to maturity -, a conflictual relationship with society is represented, and personal growth coincides with a process of estrangement and fierce criticism. The protagonist sees gradually fading the expectations of his youth in the daily struggle for survival and in fact he perceives himself, relationships, belonging and the world around, as if in a boil. Without the terrigenous opium of the great collective narratives, of the pernicious post-industrial and pyrotechnic masturbations, without an assigned and decipherable storytelling, able to trace a shared sense path, the disorientation becomes evident and crucial. Political leave seems the only answer:the substantial leave from the ritual dynamics of this crazed world, from its perverted productive and financial logics; from the ballot boxes; from its cultural and cult cages. Because it does not mean going out defeated or "broken" after the extraversion, it does not mean "unplugging". It rather marks the transition to a higher level of awareness, expressing a rejection of shared rules in which the greatest contradictions of our time are reflected. A multidimensional story that lives, quivers, pulsates, roots, surfaces, emerges from the territory (one of the first songs is sung entirely in dialect), to hover over the bell towers, churches, over the chimneys, the scrub, aiming at synthesis; to the codification of a universal sense. From a musical point of view it is a substantially acoustic disc mainly focused on piano and guitar (typical of classical songwriting), but also percussion, bass, drums, accordion, chalumeau, synth, slide guitar, theremin, double bass. The arrangements, the result of close collaboration between the Author and CristòChiapparino, are designed to be meaningful but not invasive, and above all not divergent with respect to the narrative. It is a disk of clouds and earth, which aims at the sky with muddy hands.

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