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Carlo Forlivesi : Portrait du compositeur. Frank, Dunscombe, Espigolé, Leitner, Vagnini, Whitman, Zardi.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 01:11:10

Label : Tactus
Catalog No. : TC970601
EAN : 8007194106978
Price Code : DM017A

Publishing Year : 2019
Release Date : 01/05/2019

Genre : Classical
Carlo Forlivesi (1971-)
Musique électronique
Through the Looking-Glass
Compositions pour instruments traditionnels japonais
En la Soledat i el Silenci
Chinmoku no Tsuki
Musique de chambre
Two Ornaments
Rosenleben I (Module B)
Rosenleben II
La Pointe à la Droite du Coeur
Musique vocale
Spem in Alium
Petite Prière
Audivi Vocem
Ave Maris Stella, d'après le "Codaex Faenza"
Stella Splendens, d'après le "Llivre Vermell"
The Unanswered question, d'après Charles Ives

Saira Frank, soprano
Eva Macaggi, soprano
Kumiko Shuto, voix, biwa
Samuel Dunscombe, clarinette
Lluisa Espigolé, piano
Carlo Forlivesi, orgue
Judith Hamann, violoncelle
Satoshi Inagaki, piano
Yosuke Irie, shakuhachi
Bettina Leitner, orgue
Lolla Petrovitsch, alto
James Rushford, piano
Norio Sato, guitare
Ayako Shigenari, koto
Yukio Tanaka, biwa
Miloro Vagnini, trompette
Ingolfur Vilhjalmsson, clarinette
Joshua Whitman, trombone
Luigi Zardi, trompette
Kyoto chamber Orchestra "Le Jardin du Temps et de l'Espace"

To journey into these works is like taking a stroll in an imaginary, flourishing middle-age garden where a multitude of contained aromas blend together to surprise and prepare the beholder to refine his senses. Just as the host of unique species within create marvel, so one is struck by the eclecticism that is at the core of this collection, starting from the different textures of which the works are made. The internationally acclaimed young composer Carlo Forlivesi moves in a geographical and temporal space led by electronic, orchestral, chamber music and ethnic instruments, digging the past of the ancient Latin hymns, Bach and Haydn, and exploring a traditional culture completely different and far from ours like the Japanese one. Vivid, multi-faceted thoughts lie underneath this music and reflect Forlivesi’s attitude towards life: deeply curious, inspired to research, tireless traveller and cosmopolitan soul (just note the six different languages in which the compositions are titled).

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