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Alfred Huber : Musique de chambre. Haffner, Müller, De Groot, Kerschbaum, Klipfel.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 01:10:27

Recording : 2020-2021
Location : Raiding/Eindhoven
Country : Autriche/Pays-Bas
Sound : Stereo

Label : Audite
Catalog No. : AUD97772
EAN : 4022143977724
Price Code : DM022A

Publishing Year : 2022
Release Date : 01/11/2022

Genre : Classical
Alfred Huber (1962-)
Sonate pour violoncelle, piano et percussion, op. 20 "Impossibile"
Sonate pour contrebasse et piano, op. 27 "Phi"
Sonate pour violon et piano, op. 32 "Pi"
Trio pour piano, op. 35 "Plus Iucis"

Eszter Haffner, violon
Othmar Müller, violoncelle
Niek de Groot, contrebasse
Catherine Klipfel, piano
Martin Kerschbaum, batterie
Trio Morgenstern
Stefan Hempel, violon
Emanuel Wehse, violoncelle
Catherine Klipfel, piano

Communicating construction and expression is a central aspect in Alfred Huber’s musical oeuvre. Themes, rhythms and their execution determine the musical development, ensuring the music’s linguistic quality. Alfred Huber’s music is composed with an addressee in mind: it wants to be understood and comprehended. Nevertheless, the composer uses his musical material freely and away from any traditional ties, consistently coming up with new solutions for creating musical orders and systems. In works such as Phi, Op. 27, or Pi, Op. 32, he extracts formats and proportions from numbers and numerical series. In Impossibile, Op. 20, poetic models inform his composition, while in the Piano Trio, Op. 35, he utilises an almost classical approach in his thematic development – a tribute to Ludwig van Beethoven, “the hero of my youth” (Alfred Huber) .

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