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Alessandro Perini : The Expanded Body. Beneventi, Eriksson, Fusi, Bianco, Pili, Caers, Santorsa.
Format : 1 CD Digipack
Total Time : 01:06:53

Recording : 2017-2020
Location : Malmö/Darmstadt
Country : Suède/Allemagne
Sound : Stereo

Label : Kairos
Catalog No. : 0015061KAI
EAN : 9120040735616

Publishing Year : 2021
Release Date : 01/09/2021

Genre : Classical
Alessandro Perini (1983-)
"Space/Spectrum", pour kalimba, 3 pianos jouets et électronique
"Intorno alla traccia", pour clarinette avec 2 touches latérales motorisées et électronique
"On that day my left ear became a frog", pour violon amplifié
"Epicentro", pour piano, 10 moteurs de vibration et 2 micros
"Steel string quartet" pour 4 performers sur cordes amlifiées en acier
"Rondo", pour guitare électrique avec 3 chevilles de réglage motorisées
"N-S", pour violoncelle, piano et bande magnétique enregistrée

Simone Beneventi, kalimba
Natalie Eriksson, clarinette
Marco Fusi, violon
Irene Blanco, piano
Stanislas Pili, percussion
Vincent Caers, percusison
Nagisa Shibata, percussion
Oded Geizhals, percussion
Ruben Mattia Santorsa, guitare électrique
Duo Dillon-Torquati
Ars Nova Ensemble

This album reflects the instrumental aspect of Alessandro Perini’s most recent re-search, integrating multiple aesthetic refer-ences explored over the course of his artis-tic experience. Within a heterogenous aes-thetic, the Italian composer integrates his interests in the techniques of electronic sound manipulation, the creation of elec-tromechanical and electroacoustic instru-mental devices, and a reflection upon the sound environment, tending toward the ex-ploration of unusual compositional systems and solutions. Perini knows how to offer dif-ferent perspectives and angles on the in-struments. At times the instrumental me-dium (which can already be considered a prosthesis of the human body, conceived precisely to obtain the desired resulting sound) is enriched with further specially constructed prostheses. This album, rec-orded by some of today’s most distin-guished performers of the cutting edge contemporary music scene, will make your head spin if you are into cutting edge con-temporary music.

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