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Out of Sight : Mélodies juives oubliées et musique populaire yiddish. Merhaut, Lakatos, Ottensamer, Rachlin, Koreny.
Format : 1 CD Digipack
Total Time : 01:09:22

Recording : 12-15/02/2017
Location : Vienne
Country : Autriche
Sound : Studio / Stereo

Label : Gramola
Catalog No. : GRAM99163
EAN : 9003643991637
Price Code : DM019A

Publishing Year : 2018
Release Date : 07/02/2018

Genre : World
Abraham Ellstein (1907-1963)
"Oy mame, bin ich farlibt"
"Abi gezunt", extrait de "Mamele"
"Oygn", extrait de "Eyn Mol In Leb'n"
"Tif vi di Nakht"

Fritz Spielmann (1906-1997)
"Wien wird tausendmal schöner"

Hermann Leopoldi (1888-1959)
"Alles, weil es einmal zu schön war"

Egon Neumann (1894-1948)
"Bisserl Liebe, bisserl Wein"
"Gedanken sind frei"

Bela Koreny (1946-)
"Pour Martha"
"Out of Sight"

Joseph Rumshinsky (1881-1956)
"A bisl libe und a bisl glik"

Walter Jurmann (1903-1971)
"Wien ist wieder Wien"

Alexander Olshanetsky (1892-1946)
"Ich hob dich zufi l lib"

Ethel Merhaut, soprano
Bela Koreny, piano
Roby Lakatos, violon
Andreas Ottensamer, clarinette
Julian Rachlin, violon I
Robert Lakatos, violon II
Sarah McElravy, alto
Boris Andrianov, violoncelle
Herwig Gradischnig, saxophone
Belush Korenyi, piano
Bela Koreny, arrangements, direction

The beautiful “old Austrian” German and Yiddish and the natural mixing of the two languages in everyday life on many streets and quarters of the erstwhile imperial capital city of Vienna was the origin of an unmatched abundance of cultural goods, which suffered a sudden disruption through the Nazi terror regime. “Out of Sight”, the upcoming album of Viennese soprano Ethel Merhaut is dedicated to discovering long forgotten Viennese songs by Jewish composers (Egon Neumann, Fritz Spielmann, Walter Jurmann, Hermann Leopoldi) and evergreens of Yiddish popular music in the United States, disclosing the close ties between these genres. Internationally acclaimed musicians like Bela Koreny, piano, Julian Rachlin, Roby and Robert Lakatos, violins, Sarah McElravy, viola, Boris Adrianov, cello, Andreas Ottensamer, clarinet and Herwig Gradischnig, saxophone provide for unforgettable moments rife of emotion and musical enthusiasm.

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