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Musique italienne pour flûte et harpe du 19ème siècle. Ortensie, Pasetti.
Format : 1 CD
Total Time : 01:08:22

Recording : 01/04/2016
Location : Massa Finalese
Country : Italie
Sound : Studio / Stereo

Label : Tactus
Catalog No. : TC800005
EAN : 8007194106534
Price Code : DM017A

Publishing Year : 2017
Release Date : 01/11/2017

Genre : Classical
Carlo Michelangelo Sola (1786-1829)
"La marziale", Fantaisie concertante pour flûte et harpe

Giovanni Toja (19e siècle)
Nocturne pour flûte et harpe, op. 9
Nocturne pour flûte et harpe, op. 10

Angelo Bovio (1824-1909)/Pietro Ambrosioni (19e siècle)
Divertimento pour harpe et flûte

Giuseppe Gariboldi (1833-1905)
"La Passione", melodia di Coop abbellita pour flûte et harpe, op. 8

Angelo Bovio (1824-1909)/G. Pasi (19e siècle)
Duo pour harpe et flûte, sur l'opéra "Il Corsare" de Verdi

Claudio Ortensi, flûte
Anna Pasetti, harpe

During the first half of the nineteenth century, when a successful new opera appeared on the scene, the publishing system promoted initiatives that aimed at maximising its diffusion and creating widespread channels for the exploitation of its popularity. This was helped on by the production of paraphrases, duets and melodies; all these pieces were near-faithful transcriptions of their models, but were enlarged and personalised through the keyboard of a piano or, as in this case, the strings of a harp or the “keys” of a flute. We undoubtedly should add to all this that a typically bourgeois taste led proficient “amateurs” to take pleasure in delightfully playing all sorts of musical instruments and performing, among other things, an original repertoire that was not bound to opera music but influenced by it. Claudio Ortensi’s flute and Anna Pasetti’s harp take this world back to us through this premiere recording of the works by Michelangelo Sola, Giovanni Toja, Angelo Bovio and Giuseppe Gariboldi, active protagonists of the European and Italian compositional streams converging chamber music with the political and cultural trends that crossed the Classicism and the Romanticism.

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