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William Shakespeare : Songe d'une nuit d'été. Meow, Varla, Wardrop, Rice.
Format : 1 DVD Vidéo
Durée totale : 02:51:00
Pays : Royaume-Uni
Prise de son : Dolby Stereo Surround
Format d'image : NTSC
Rapport de forme : 16:9 Anamorphic
Sous-titres : EN

Label : Opus Arte
Référence : OA1183D
EAN : 0809478011835
Code Prix : DM026B

Année d'édition : 2018

Genre : Diction
William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
Le Songe d'une nuit d'été (A Midsummer Night's Dream), comédie en 5 actes et 9 scènes

Ankur Bahl (Helenus)
Margaret Ann Bain (Flute, Philostrate)
Nandi Bhebhe (First Fairy, Starveling)
Edmund Derrington (Lysander)
Tibu Fortes (Cobweb)
Ncuti Gatwa (Demetrius)
Meow Meow (Hyppolyta, Titania)
Katy Owen (Puck)
Edith Tankus (Snug)
Lucy Thackeray (Quince)
Alex Tregear (Snout)
Zubin Varla (Theseus, Oberon)
Anjana Vasan (Hermia)
Ewan Wardrop (Bottom)
Shakespeare's Globe Compagny
Emma Rice, direction
Moritz Junge, costumes
Stu Barker, compositeur
Etta Murfitt, chorégraphie
Ian Russell, réalisation

My! The woods outside Athens are a busy place on this magical night! Four runaway lovers find themselves smack bang in the middle of a dispute between the King and Queen of the fairies, and, if that wasn’t enough, a troupe of amateur actors are trying to rehearse a play. Between these unlikely groups flies Puck, armed only with a wicked sense of humour and a love potion capable of making anyone fall for the first person they set eyes upon. What could possibly go wrong? Fusing music dance and some serious comedy, Emma Rice’s first production as Artistic Director brings the Dream crashing into the Globe’s magical setting. Naughty, tender, transgressive and surprising, it is truly a festival of theatre. Internationally acclaimed actor, singer and Performance Diva Meow Meow plays the mischievous fairy queen Titania. Let the joy begin!

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