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Songs and poems. Zimmermann, Rihm, Clementi, Thomalla, Dohmen. Trio Accanto.
Format : 1 CD
Durée totale : 01:13:21

Enregistrement : 1998-2017
Lieu : Cologne/Darmstadt/Munich/Viitasaari/Stuttgart/Rümlingen
Pays : Allemagne/Finlande/Suisse
Prise de son : Stereo

Label : Wergo
Référence : WER7364
EAN : 4010228736427
Code Prix : DM021A

Année d'édition : 2018
Date de sortie : 30/05/2018

Genre : Classique
Andreas Dohmen (1962-)
"Versi rapportati", pour saxophone alto ou baryton, piano et percussion

Hans Thomalla (1975-)
"Lied", pour saxophone ténor, piano et vibraphone

Walter Zimmermann (1949-)
"As I was walking I came upon chance", pour saxophone ténor, piano et percussion

Wolfgang Rihm (1952-)
"Gegenstück", pour saxophone contrebasse, piano et percussion

Aldo Clementi (1925-)
"Tre Ricercari", pour saxophone alto, piano et celesta (ou vibraphone, ou carillon tubulaire)

Trio Accanto
Marcus Weiss, saxophone
Nicolas Hodges, piano
Christian Dierstein, percussion

“Songs and Poems” is a title that promises quite a lot: there are neither songs nor poems in the usual sense among these five instrumental compositions for the Trio Accanto: there is no singing in Hans Thomalla’s Lied, Aldo Clementi celebrates the art of instrumental counterpoint, and if Wolfgang Rihm’s Gegenstück were a song, it would be a manifesto against vocality. At least the title of Walter Zimmermann’s trio is based on a poem by Robert Creeley, but the words are not heard in the piece. Also, the audience does not need to be aware of the Baroque verse structures upon which Andreas Dohmen based his work commissioned by the group. The title “Songs and Poems” nevertheless points in a certain direction. It reflects an underlying longing in these instrumental pieces for language, voice, and song, for the authenticity of singing, the simplicity of song, and the hidden meanings of poetry. Perhaps “Songs and Poems” is a song collection that only dreams of songs, just as the Trio Accanto – with its unusual instrumentation of saxophone, percussion, and piano – is a jazz trio that does not play jazz.

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