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Peter N. Gruber : Bzw. Gruber, Winkler, Lang, Dunst, Mandorff, Denovaire.
Format : 1 CD Digipack
Durée totale : 00:55:00

Enregistrement : 2008-2015
Lieu : Vienne
Pays : Autriche
Prise de son : Studio / Stereo

Label : Gramola
Référence : GRAM99193
EAN : 9003643991934
Code Prix : DM019A

Année d'édition : 2018

Genre : Jazz
Peter Niklas Gruber (1956-)
"Mehr Oder Weiniger:Weniger"
"Into Eternity"
"Like E. R."
Mein Herz, Mein Zimmer, Mein Name"
"Babum 2"
"Kleine Fische"
"Stiller Killer"
"Fiese Katzen"
"Flag Rag"
"Stille Stellen"
"Rat Race"
"Keine Taktik Mehr"
"E W A"

Peter N. Gruber, basse
Reinhardt Winkler, batterie
Alfred Lang, trompette
Patrick Dunst, saxophone
Andy Manndorff, guitare
Denovaire, claviers

In the form of the CD bzw the third part of a trilogy that was begun in 2000 with fis and continued in 2001 with Die Lilie, is now available. In contrast to the first two recordings, which for the most part contained freely improvised music, bzw presents compositions by Peter N. Gruber in classic song form. The abbreviation >bzw< (respectively, or) allows considerable room for interpretation, also in a figurative sense. Alongside its usual meaning in everyday language it can also be read as “Beziehungsweise” (literally: relationship ways) or “Beziehungswaise” (relationship orphan). Nor can the possibility of biographical relationships be dismissed. And that relationships (Beziehungen) can also be shaped wisely (weise) is self-evident. In 2008 a start was made with recording the first bass tracks. This is motif material from music for double bass solo composed or improvised earlier for theatre and dance theatre productions. Patrick Dunst (saxophone, bass clarinet) and Denovaire (keyboards, esraj) developed this basis for improvised melodies further. Andy Manndorff (guitar) and Alfred Lang (trumpet) added overdubs in accordance with the composer’s wishes. The percussion – played by Billy Cobham student Reinhardt Winkler – was added as a last instrument in a most unorthodox manner.

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