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Matthias Bröde'S Oh!Kesterosloer3 : Where is Wedding?
Format : 1 CD

Label : Unit Records
Référence : UTR4759
EAN : 7640114797590
Code Prix : DM015A

Année d'édition : 2017

Genre : Jazz

Matthias Bröde, amplified harmonica
Kalle Kalima, electric guitar
John Schröder, drums

A sensational new trio coming from the Berlin Jazz scene. Never before the harmonica was celebrated so virtuosely and with such extraordinary sound-conceptions in a contemporary up-to-date stile as by Matthias Bröde in these recordings. With Kalle Kalima und John Schröder are two of the most interesting musicians of the European Jazz-scene on board who are decisively shaping the music. In October 2015 the band won the “Studio Award Jazz“ from the Senate of Berlin and so was able to record new compositions by Bröde and Kalima especially writen for this ocasion. The legendary “Studio P4“ situated in the old Radio buildings of the former GDR in Berlin gave the right atmosphere and quality to put on record this pulsating and exciting urban music. Matthias Bröde is the composer of the five part suite “Where is Wedding ?“ - named after this famous district of Berlin. The single parts are inspired by the atmosphere of certain walks and streets. Kalle Kalima always was a great admiror of film influenced music and so he transcribed his impressions of “Shining“ and “Belle du Jour“ in a very personal way. Now this music is also presented live and contains time-rooted playing and free-time feel, grooves and ruminant and quiet moods, strong melodies and improvisations with sounds.

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