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Marina Baranova : Hypersuites Reloaded.
Format : 1 Vinyle 33T
Total Time : 00:42:17

Label : Neue Meister
Catalog No. : 0300990NM
EAN : 0885470009902
Price Code : DM026A

Publishing Year : 2017

Genre : Classical
Georg Friedrich Haendel (1685-1759)
Allemande de la suite en ré mineur (remix de Damian Marhulets)
Sarabande de la Suite en ré mineur (remixes d' Humbolt et de Jannis Block)

François Couperin (1668-1733)
Muséte de Taverni (remix de John Kameel Farah)

Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764)
La poule (remix de Hauschka)
Le rappel des oiseaux (remix de Kostia Rapoport)

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Sicilienne de la Sonate pour flûte (remixes de Marina Baranova et de Raz Ohara)
Prélude en si mineur (remix d'Anton Berman)

Marina Baranova

The pianist and composer Marina Baranova released her album “Hypersuites” in 2016 on the Berlin Classics label. “My Hypersuites are acoustic remixes of Baroque masters,” the artist explains. For this project she chose compositions by four Baroque composers – Couperin, J.S. Bach, Rameau and Handel – and combined individual pieces by them into four new suites. Then Marina Baranova adapted, improvised and arranged the Baroque music forms in new guise within those suites. This was all in the spirit of Baroque music, whose composers frequently remodelled their works 300 years ago in order to suit different occasions by adding variations and new cadenzas. Marina Baranova is a classically-trained concert pianist whose roots are in both the classical and jazz fields, but whose interests span out much fur ther than that. The idea for the “Hypersuites” came to her during a DJ session. She came to the conclusion that DJ scratches were really nothing more than the modern form of Baroque musical ornamentations. So the logical conclusion was to add an additional tone colour to the hypersuites: electronic editing of Marina Baranova’s version for solo instrument. Hauschka wrote a 6-minute version of Rameau’s “La Poule” for the “Hypersuites Reloaded” album. Well known for his prepared piano and film soundtracks, this musician is open to new projects that lead him deeper into the realm of classical music with orchestra and chamber ensembles. Joining him are other composers, producers and musicians: John Kameel Farah, Damian Marhulets, Humboldt, Kostia Rapoport, Jannis Block, Anton Berman and Raz Ohara with their own remixes. And of course Marina adds her own remix, something that is not just a remix but that offers a new approach altogether – her approach – to Bach’s “Siciliano”.

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