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Les Noëls du Monde. Fiedler, Fränkel.
Format : 1 CD Digipack
Durée totale : 01:10:05

Enregistrement : 17-20/08/2015
Lieu : Osten an der Oste
Pays : Allemagne
Prise de son : Stereo

Label : Audite
Référence : AUD20036
EAN : 4022143200365
Code Prix : DM017A

Année d'édition : 2016
Date de sortie : 25/11/2016

Genre : World
Les Noëls du Monde
Kilisee, kilisee (Estonie)
Werst mei Liacht ume sein (Autriche)
Lullay my Liking (Angleterre)
Canso de Nadal (Catalogne)
Maria durch ein Dornwald ging (Allemagne)
Jouluilta (Finlande)
Sylvian joululaulu (Finlande)
Los peces en el rio (Espagne)
Quelle est cette odeur (France)
The Gower Wassail (Pays de Galles)
Earth's joy (Mexique)
Jouluhymni (Finlande)
The First Novel (Angleterre)
Auf ihr Hirten (Allemagne)
Kun joulu on (Finlande)
Pieni joululaulu (Finlande)
In'n Himmelsgoren (Allemagne)
Jesu Is Crying (Brésil)
Es sungen drei Engel (Allemagne)

Ursula Fiedler, voix, violon, percussions
Manfred Frankel, accordéon, voix

Christmas carols from Europe and South America: these traditional songs have been newly adapted for voice, accordion, violin, and percussion instruments. The result is an impressive kaleidoscope of folkloristic, international Christmas carols above and beyond the well-known melodies. This CD presents secular Christmas carols from Europe and South America. These traditional songs have been newly arranged by Manfred Fränkel for voice, accordion, violin and percussion instruments. The carols are intended to sound as natural as possible and yet offer something unusual. Older and more recent songbooks from a wide variety of countries served as the basis for the adaptations; in some cases the original languages were retained, and in others the texts have been translated into German. The result is an impressive kaleidoscope of folkloristic, international Christmas carols. The different musical orientations from which Ursula Fiedler and Manfred Fränkel originally come – she from “classical music“, he from “folk music“ – made them curious about each other. At first, they developed a Breton-Celtic programme; the success of this encouraged them to produce this somewhat different Christmas CD with newly found, rather unconventional repertoire.

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