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Brahms : Frei aber einsam, œuvres pour piano. Kirschnereit, Neudauer, Quatuor Amaryllis.
Format : 2 CD
Total Time : 01:23:10

Label : Berlin Classics
Catalog No. : 0300929BC
EAN : 0885470009292
Price Code : DM026A

Publishing Year : 2017
Release Date : 04/10/2017

Genre : Classical
Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Sonate pour piano n° 3 en fa mineur
Scherzo de la sonate F-A-E
Quintette pour piano en fa mineur, op. 34

Matthias Kirschnereit, piano
Lena Neudauer, violon
Quatuor Amaryllis

The great works of leading composers lead a life of their own down the centuries. It is fascinating to see how successive generations are seized by the craftsmanship, originality of diction and emotional richness of such works. I often ask myself how much biographical detail and direct experience of life was set down on paper in past times. I am always interested to read life stories, letters and diary entries, learn what contemporaries had to say and observe every detail on the photographs – the many photographs, in the case of Johannes Brahms – that have come down to us. But the best way to discover Brahms’s nature is to study his works: “It is in my notes that I speak!” he told his friends. I loved Brahms’s music from the moment I first heard it. I am delighted and moved by the beauty of his melodic line, the massive power of his orchestral forces, the unique balance of compositional efficacy and passionate expression, the sometimes bitterly melancholic tone. At home we would listen to the German Requiem, as a student in Detmold – rather late for me – I got to know his symphonies, chamber works and Lieder. My first encounter with his F minor Sonata op. 5 opened up new emotional horizons for me at the time. But it would take years before I knew how to accommodate the F.A.E. motif quoted in the final rondo in the context of the second-movement Romance and the lost happiness of the fourth movement. In no other work, as I understand him, did Brahms so clearly reveal the motto of his life! For the present recording, I was concerned to couple the two F minor “monoliths”: works that share the weighty tone of Beethoven’s Appassionata while also being indebted to Haydn’s F minor Variations or Schubert’s late Fantasie in F minor. If op. 5 shows me youthful, gifted exuberance, the Quintet strikes me for its wrestling, recasting, reworking, F.A.E. lived out … Brahms, the utterly self-critical perfectionist, spent years on this work before the definitive version finally emerged. F.A.E. – a reference to a composer I find captivating and at the same time puzzling, coupled with a thought of Johannes Brahms the man, of his life’s credo. It stands to reason that all exceptional achievements in art, science, sport and craft require the utmost concentration, commitment and profound calm. It seems to me that in these times of sensation overload, the need to focus is greater and more to be relished than ever!

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